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Lost Ark Rapport guide - which character rapport grinds are worth your time?

There are plenty of NPCs with their own rapport rewards in Lost Ark - so we've gone ahead and pointed out the most important.

One of the more low key features of Lost Ark is Rapport - a friendship system where players are able to establish a strong friendship with a wide variety of characters spread across the world. You may be wondering; what’s the big deal? Why is Rapport important, and who are the best NPCs to build Rapport with?

To answer those questions, we’ve written up this quick guide explaining Rapport, as well as listed out a few specific characters that are well worth investing your time and affection into.

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What is Rapport in Lost Ark?

Put simply, Rapport is a friendship meter attached to certain NPCs spread across Lost Ark. Through either giving gifts, playing songs, using specific emotes, or completing side quests, players can increase the Rapport level with these characters for valuable rewards.

For a full list of characters who have a Rapport bar, simply travel to your Rapport tab and the entire cast is presented for you to look through, alongside the rewards they can give. Also, if you’re unsure how to start building Rapport with a character, the unlock requirements for each character are also listed - nice and simple!

Why is Rapport important in Lost Ark?

Rapport, while not immediately crucial for your in-game progression (especially when levelling your first character), the items provided can prove incredibly useful as you start reaching the later stages of your Lost Ark career.

When it comes to collections, there are numerous elusive cards that can be gained from certain Rapport NPCs, which when added to your Card Catalogue can grant useful roster-wide bonuses. Currency, cosmetics, attribute / skill points and even unique titles can also be gained from getting friendly with the right people.

As such if you were to compare two players, one who paid attention to their Rapport and another who ignored it, you’d see a substantial difference to their in-game performance. It’s for this reason that Rapport is so important.

Who are the best NPCs to build rapport with in Lost Ark?

Now that we’ve established the importance of Rapport, who should you start building getting cosy with? A great early game pick is Thirain in Luterra Castle. This is primarily because of the sheer amount of gold he gives you on lower-Rapport levels, alongside the fantastic card potions you get if you manage to push his Rapport level all the way to max. Gold is a crucial end-game currency used in player trading and getting the best gear, so you’ll want to start piling some up as soon as you can.

Once you progress further on into Lost Ark, there are a selection of NPCs that stand out among the rest as priority picks. These are Sasha, Beatrice, Nineveh, and Blue-eyed Calvasus. The reason being is a shared reward they all provide: Giant’s hearts. These incredibly valuable items can be exchanged for skill point potions, so as you can imagine are quite precious to anyone looking to boost the power of their characters.

That being said, in the long haul you’ll be building Rapport with every NPC. They all have their own useful rewards for doing so, meaning whichever way you look at it you’ll be schmoozing up to the full cast eventually. We recommend picking out the rewards you need and prioritising the NPC who can provide it, once you’ve finished with the named characters above of course.

With that, we’ve reached the end of our quick Lost Ark Rapport guide! For more Lost Ark guides, check out our articles on Lost Ark Trade Skills and why they’re important, as well as how to get the Lost Ark Twitch drops and Lola item set.

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