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Best Lost Ark Glaivier build: PvP and PvE

The first new subclass since the western launch, this guide will take you through how to build your Glaivier in the new update.

The Glaivier is the first of the post launch Lost Ark subclasses, which provides a deadly new option for martial artist players who feel like wiping out enemies with their new wide-reaching attacks. If you’re looking to try out this new addition to the roster on release, you’re due for a great time thanks to ther sheer amount of damage output from the Glaivier.

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Lost Ark Glaivier Build: Engravings

With the Glaivier you have two options: Control and Pinnacle. Control removes the focus stance, and allows you to focus purely on your flurry skills in combat. On the other hand, Pinnacle provides huge buffs when switching between stances allowing for more consistent damage alongside a harder rotation.

For our build, we’ll be going with the Control build. The flurry tree is brilliant, and allows you to stack skill points into the selection of flurry attacks with a simpler rotation too! It does come with some downsides, but it’s the best pick if you want to balance ease of use with damage output..

Additional Engravings that should be used with the Glaivier are as follows (all showing level three effects):

  • Adrenaline: When using skills other than mobile and basic attacks, attack power increases by 1% for 6 seconds (stacks up to 6), and when this effect reaches its maximum stack, critical hit rate increases by an additional 15%.
  • Raid Captain: Outgoing Damage +45% of basic Move Speed bonus percentage

Lost Ark Glaivier Build: Priority stats

Swiftness is king with this Glaivier build, and takes priority over every other stat option. The reason why comes from the attacks you lose from sacrificing the focus skill tree, which means you’ll have to wait for your Flurry abilities to come off cooldown in order to deal good damage. With high swiftness, you won’t have to wait too long for this to happen, essentially boosting your DPS the higher it is. Always choose swiftness..

Best Lost Ark Glaivier PVE build

Skills and Tripods

Skill Points Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Chain Slash 4 Fatal Strike
Flash Kick 4 Excellent Mobility
Vault 4 Excellent Mobility
Half Moon Slash 10 Flurry Expertise Final Decision Blade of Tornado
Raging Dragon Slash 10 Quick Prep Quick Slash Awaken
Wheel of Blades 10 Magick Control Weak Point Detection Consecutive Spin
Windsplitter 10 Magick Control Final Decision Giant Wheel
Shackling Blue Dragon 10 Quick Prep Quick Slash Critical Spear

If you’re still not maxed out on skill points, you should prioritise the following skills:

  • Half Moon Slash
  • Ragin Dragon Slash
  • Wheel of Blades
  • Windsplitter
  • Shackling Blue Dragon

Best Lost Ark Glaivier PVP build

Skill Points Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Chain Slash 10 Swoop Final Decision Brilliant Spear
Flash Kick 10 Excellent Mobility Stun Effect Corkscrew
Vault 10 Excellent Mobility Strong Upper Kick Scoop
Half Moon Slash 10 Flurry Expertise Final Decision Blade of Tornado
Raging Dragon Slash 10 Quick Prep Quick Slash Awaken
Wheel of Blades 10 Slam Tenacity Consecutive Spin
Spear Dive 10 Excellent Mobility Wide Hit Swift Response
Cutting Wind 7 Quick Prep Quickness

Best Glaivier Awakening Skill

For an Awakening Skill, Spear Meteor is the best pick in our minds. While it does take a few seconds to come out, it’s still quick enough to be used fairly reactively in difficult fights. In addition, thanks to the distance you jump back in the charge up, it can be used safely in most situations.

Lost Ark Glaivier Build: Card Deck

The best card deck for Striker is the Lostwind Cliff 6-piece set, which provides a range of benefits to a vast number of DPS classes including this particular martial artist subclass:

  • 2-piece: Dark damage reduction +8%
  • 4-piece: Dark damage reduction +8%
  • 6-piece: Dark damage reduction +9%
  • 6-piece (awakening): Crit rate + 7%

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