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Lost Ark - How to play with PlayStation and Xbox controllers

Fancy playing the hottest new MMO with a pad rather than keyboard and mouse? We've got you covered.

While the vast number of Lost Ark players will be jumping in with their keyboard and mouse in hand, there is a sizable community of ARPG players who’d prefer a controller when charging into action-packed battles and harrowing boss fights. If you count yourself as one of these proud pad players, you might be wondering if Lost Ark has controller support? Also, if it does, how do you set up a controller?

This guide will take you through what controllers are support in Lost Ark, as well as how to set up controller support so you can play the game your way.

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Does Lost Ark have controller support?

Lost Ark supports both Xbox and PlayStation controllers, although all the controller notation present in the game is Xbox-focused, so all your DuelSense fiends out there may have to adapt to seeing that. Specific controllers supported are the Xbox One and Series X/S controllers, as well as PS4 and PS5 controllers. If you have a third party controller for either Xbox or PlayStation controllers, they should work too.

How to play Lost Ark with a controller?

When you're playing Lost Ark, the controller should start working as soon as you plug in your controller of choice. However, if it doesn’t work straight away you may need to fiddle with some in-game settings in order to enable controller support.

To do this, follow these instructions:

  • Open up the settings menu in Lost Ark
  • Navigate to the Gamepad interface menu
  • Tick the Use Gamepad box

That should enable controller support in Lost Ark for the majority of players. If you’re still not in luck after ticking that box, your Steam settings may be the culprit. T remedy this, it’s time for us to dive into more settings!

  • First head to your Steam settings
  • Click on the controller tab
  • Click on the general controller settings option
  • Make sure your controller configuration matches what you’re using. So if you’ve got a PlayStation controller, make sure the PlayStation controller box is ticked.

With that, you should be all set to take your two joysticks and triggers to the world of Lost Ark issue free! If you’re looking for more entry level content to get you up to speed, check out our guide on the best classes to play in Lost Ark, and our recent report on in-game rewards for those who leave packed servers.

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