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Lost Ark leveling tips - How to hit max level as fast as possible

With 60 combat levels to work through, you'll have to get a move on if you want to hit the cap in good time.

Lost Ark is finally out (for those who buy it) which means the power leveling race to max level is on! With fifty combat levels to climb, and plenty of work to do, you’ll want to raise your power level as efficiently as possible if you want to make it to the endgame quickly! As such, we’ve created a quick leveling guide with the most important pointers to help you soar through the game.

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Lost Ark leveling guide: focus on main story quests

To level up quickly in Lost Ark always prioritize completing main story quests. As you progress through the game, explore new areas and level up your character, major story beats will unlock naturally. You’ll want to go and complete these as soon as they’re available, as they provide a decent chunk of experience.

If you’re trying to hit max level as fast as you can in Lost Ark, so you can start working on some of the late game activities present in the game as fast as possible, you’ll want to level with efficiency in mind. Lost Ark is filled with quests that you can spend all day completing, but doing so (while fun) can slow down your progress considerably.

Also, as a bonus, doing this will save you time once you hit max level. The last thing you want is to hit the end of this leveling marathon, only to have to go back and grind away at the narrative while all your friends are having a blast without you.

Lost Ark leveling guide: Do not prioritize Trade skills

Trade skills are a fantastic aspect of Lost Ark. Like professions in World of Warcraft or crafting and gathering jobs in Final Fantasy 14, life skills allow you to gather material and use them for a variety of projects at your stronghold.

As you power through the leveling process, you’ll be given ample opportunity to level up your Trade skills. However, we recommend you limit your hunger from mining, lumbering, and other forms of manual labor to a minimum until you’re at max level. While they are important, they don’t help you level through the game quickly.

Now, once you unlock the stronghold you should absolutely gather what you need to complete the current project you’re building. That’s key, as building up your stronghold is mandatory for players to really excel in the late game, but your first priority should be hitting max and not spending too much time collecting more than you need at any one time.

These stronghold upgrades and developments do take time to finish once you’ve started them, and you’ll be working on this part of the game long after you’ve hit max level, so there’s no rush to go out and spend hours upon hours hoarding resources. Just keep an eye on what you need at any one time and venture out to get the ball moving once you need to.

Once you’ve hit max level, all you gatherers out there can give into your inner lumberjack and do back-breaking work to your heart's content. Just bolster down and focus on XP for a while, and you’ll be free to do so without wasting time.

Lost Ark leveling guide: Don’t hunt down collectables

Yet another thing you should hold back on while you level, collectables are valuable items to look out for and are absolutely worth tracking down at some point in your Lost Ark journey. However, as you level your character your time is better spent focusing on completing quests and powering forward with the main story.

As such, we recommend you don’t go out and comb every corner of the world for collectables as you level through Lost Ark. By all means pick up any you find as you travel around, but don’t make finding each and other one a priority during your leveling journey.

With that, we’ve come to the end of our Lost Ark leveling guide! Follow these basic steps and you’ll shave off hours from your overall time!For more Lost Ark content check out our guide on how to pick a class in Lost Ark, and Lost Ark cards and card decks explained!

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