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How to get Lost Ark Twitch drops and the Lola Item Starter Set

Starting off on the right foot

If you’re looking to get Lost Ark Twitch drops, you’ll need a bit of patience and some linked accounts.

Amazon is currently running a few separate Twitch drops with a chance to earn unique rewards ahead of the game’s full launch. It’ll take several hours of viewing if you want all the goods, so settle in for the long haul.

How do you get Lost Ark Twitch Drops?

You need to link your Twitch and Steam account first, by signing in using the Twitch account you used, or will use, to claim the drop. You can do that on the Lost Ark website before or after completing the tasks.

Sign in to Twitch, and set your status to online. The next step is the most arduous if you want all four tiers of the active drops. You’ll need to watch four hours of a participating stream. Roughly once per hour, you’ll see a callout in the Twitch chat, which you can click on to claim the drop.

Once you’ve added the drop, check your Twitch Drops inventory page. Then, if you haven’t linked accounts yet:

  • Choose “Connect”
  • Sign in with Twitch
  • Then sign in with Steam
  • Choose “Activate”

What is in the Lost Ark Lola Starter Set?

Until March 1, you can claim four tiers of the first drop, the Lola Item Set. These comprise the Lola Item Starter Set.

Tier 1: Lola Item Chest

  • Battle Item Chest 3 Pack, Regulus' Light Currency Chest (100K Silver), and an Amethyst Shard Pack (1,500 Shards).

Tier 2: Lola Arkesia Paper Hat Chest

  • Unlocks your choice of one of the five unique paper hats.

Tier 3: Lola Helgaia Pet Chest

  • Unlocks your choice of one of the four unique Helgaia pets.

Tier 4: Lola Neugier Gold Mount

There’s also a Saphia pet drop that’s a bit more stringent in its requirements.

You’ll need to watch four hours of participating Twitch streams on the Crown Channel until February 11 for a chance to earn a chest that unlocks one color Saphia pet. After February 11 and until March 7, the drops are available to anyone in the Lost Ark Creator Program

Who are the Lost Ark Twitch Drop teams?

These are the streamers to follow for potential Twitch Drops. They’ll compete to reach certain milestones in the leaderboards, which you can follow on the online Lost Ark leaderboards.

North America Lost Ark Twitch teams

  • anthony_kongphan
  • Bajheera
  • Bikeman
  • Burkeblack
  • CDNthe3rd
  • Cohhcarnage
  • Datmodz
  • ds_lily
  • Grimmmz
  • Hyoon
  • ItmeJP
  • Maximum
  • Luckyghost
  • nl_kripp
  • Sacriel
  • Sloot
  • Smashley
  • Stoopzz_TV
  • Towelliee
  • ZealsAmbitions

European Lost Ark Twitch teams

  • abadassunicorn
  • AresLps
  • Dhalucard
  • Evangelion0
  • Fextralife
  • Jessirocks
  • KennyStream
  • Knekro
  • Lapi
  • Malevolgia
  • Metashi12
  • Nugiyen
  • Poopernoodle
  • poulpix
  • Raizqt
  • Steelmage
  • TonTon
  • yuli
  • Zerator
  • Zoltan

Latin American Lost Ark Twitch teams

  • 1DrakoNz
  • aXtLOL
  • Cahos_Gaming
  • Coscu
  • Finger
  • Frankitooow
  • gratis150ml
  • HiddenGames
  • Japeta
  • JogueComoUmOgro
  • LumeiFei
  • mano_imp
  • Rakin
  • shikai
  • Skipnho
  • smzinho
  • Sr_ThuliuM
  • VanieBunny
  • YoDa
  • Zanfas_cenegal

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