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Lost Ark: How, when and why to counter attack

One of the MMO's most important combat features is easy to miss. Here's how it works.

Perhaps one of the most important parts of combat in Lost Ark, aside from staying alive and dealing good damage of course, is counter attacking! This ability, one which most classes have access to in one way or another, is crucial when taking on Guardian Raids and other PvE content. But how does Counter Attacking work?

To help you figure this out, our in-house video guru Dorrani has created a bite size guide on what the counter attack mechanic actually does as well as how to use it. You can watch it embedded in the article above.

Here’s a brief overview on how counter attacking works. Certain enemies, usually boss monsters and up, will occasionally glow blue as they wind up for certain attacks. During this short window, you can use specific attacks to interrupt this assault and leave the enemy open for incoming damage.

To find out which attacks are able to do this, go through your skills and look out for the “counter attack” label in yellow. As a general rule, you should always have a counter attack skill on your action bar in PvE content.

The video above goes a long way in visualising the counter attack, so if you’re still unsure on how it works we highly recommend you watch it. Once you’re done, let us know below if you knew about the counter attach mechanic before this? Were you one step ahead of the game, or did you need a little insight to understand how it all worked?

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