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Lost Ark shards guide and how to get Harmony Shards

Fantastic fragments and where to find them

Lost Ark shards are yet another type of currency you’ll need plenty of, but unlike Pirate Coins, you won't get or use these until the endgame.

There are multiple shard types, including Perception Shards and Disorder Crystals, but Harmony Shards are the ones you’ll want the most of. End game progress hinges on Harmony Shards, among other resources, to level up your gear so you can tackle high-end dungeons and challenges.

What are Perception Shards for in Lost Ark?

Perception Shards are special currency used with Chaos Dungeon vendors who show up outside the Dungeon entrances and sell rare goods ranging from Engravings to Harmony Shards. Perception Shards are only used at these vendors, so go ahead and exchange them for what you need. Prioritize Harmony Shards if you’re leveling up gear, though.

You’ll get Perception Shards as drops in Chaos Dungeons and Chaos Gates, but only if your Item Level is below 580. They also drop in other activities and are available in the secret shop, but the easiest way to get them is just running Chaos Dungeons.

What are Disorder Crystals for in Lost Ark?

Disorder Crystals are essentially the same thing, but they don’t come in tiers. You’ll also earn these by completing Chaos Dungeons and Chaos Gates.

What are Harmony Shards in Lost Ark?

Harmony Shards are the shards you most want, because you need them in leveling up your gear. Like the other Shard types, you'll pick these up at the end of a Chaos Dungeon (or Chaos Gate, or other endgame challenge) in addition to being able to trade for them.

After completing the final story quest in Vern, you’ll unlock Item Honing, a process that lets you upgrade your item level without restoring to grinding for random drops in Chaos Dungeons.

Once Item Honing unlocks, you’ll have access to a new trader in major cities who can enhance your gear – but not every set is eligible. Your surefire bet for getting an endgame gear set to upgrade is completing the Shushire quest line, after which you get a full set at level 302 which you can enhance. Otherwise, you’ll have to grind in Chaos Dungeons and hope the drops are what you need.

Make sure to pair your new gear with high-performing Engravings and tweak your skillsets to get the most from your chosen class. You'll need all the help you can get as you continue to advance through progression tiers.

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