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Best Lost Ark Paladin Build: PvP and PvE

If you've made your way to Vern and are ready to solidify your build, we've got all the info you need.
The Paladin is one of the best classes in Lost Ark, thanks in large part due to its support capabilities through party-wide buffs, as well as decent damage output. If you want to stay up close in fights, as well as contribute more than just attack power to any content you do, the Paladin is a great choice.

Lost Ark Paladin Build: Engravings

When picking a class specific engraving for the Paladin, there are two choices. You can either go towards a DPS engraving with Judgement, and a support engraving with Blessed Aura. We believe that a Paladin focusing on supporting other party members is better overall, therefore we suggest you choose Blessed Aura. This reduces damage you take by 20%, and restores 2.5% HP every second for all party members. This allows you and your team to stay in the fray longer, and feel more comfortable in tricky situations. When it comes to PvP, you’ll be a long time favourite in team game modes.

Additional Engravings that should be used with the Paladin are as follows (all showing level three effects):

  • Awakening: Reduces Awakening skill cooldown time by 50% and can be used three times at max level
  • Specialist:Shield and HP recovery effects used on self and party members increase by 24%, and when the target's HP is below 50%, this effect increases by an additional 12%.

Lost Ark Paladin Build: Priority stats

As a support class, with many abilities that can help get your party out of rough situations, it’s useful to have skills with a short cooldown. As such, swiftness should be your number one priority substat. As a general rule, pick this substat over everything else. However, if you want a second option specialisation is great as it improves you support skills.

Best Lost Ark Paladin PVE build

Skills and Tripods

With the PvE build, we're laying out key skills you should use as being level 10, while lower priority skills that shouldn't have too much invested in them as being level 4 (so you can still reach that crucial first triport).

Skill Level Tripods 1 Tripods 2 Tripods 3
Charge 4 Excellent Mobility
Executor’s Sword 4 Excellent Mobility
Holy Sword 4 Propulsion
Light Shock 10 Swift Fingers Light’s Visage Powerful Shock
Godsent Law 10 Shield Wide-angle attack Grace
Wrath of God 10 Wide Thunderstrike Faith Express Fury
Holy Protection 10 Quick Pace Robust Protection Vow of Light
Heavenly Blessings 10 Faith Valour Absolute Blessing

If you’re still not maxxed out on skill points, you should prioritise the following skills:

  • Wrath of God
  • Holy Protection
  • Heavenly Blessings
  • Godsent Law
  • Light Shock

Best Lost Ark Berserker PVP build

Skill Level Tripods 1 Tripods 2 Tripods 3
Charge 10 Excellent Mobility Shining Protection Ambush Attack
Executor’s Sword 10 Excellent Mobility Weak Point Enhancement Executioner’s Strike
Holy Sword 10 Propulsion Vital Point Hit Condensed Energy
Light Shock 4 Swift Fingers
Godsent Law 10 Shield Wide-angle attack Grace
Wrath of God 10 Wide Thunderstrike Faith Light's Guardian
Holy Protection 10 Quick Pace Robust Protection Vow of Light
Heavenly Blessings 10 Agile Cast Perseverance Heavenly Blessing

Best Paladin Awakening Skill

We chose Alithane’s Judgement for this build, as it provides support for your teams as well as deals a nice chunk of damage too! This support comes in the form of a shield for your entire party for 80% of your max HP, so it’s a great skill to use when you’re in a bind or anticipate lots of damage incoming.

Lost Ark Paladin Build: Card Deck

The best card deck for Paladins is the Farewell, Weapon 6-piece set, which grants a huge amount of max HP when equipped in full. This set does the following:

  • 2-piece: Max HP + 4%
  • 4-piece: Max HP + 4%
  • 6-piece: Max HP + 4%

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