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Fortnite Birthday Cake locations - Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes

Now is your last chance to search out the birthday cakes and dance in front of them. The birthday challenges are set to expire soon, and will be gone for good! Fortnite is a year old, and to celebrate Epic Games have released a new set of cosmetics for you to unlock. Here’s how to dance in front of different Birthday Cakes and earn the Birthday Cake Back Bling.

This is similar to the Dance in front of challenges we’ve seen in Fortnite before, but with a bit of the Gnome and Duckie searching challenges mixed in.

Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes - Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations:

There are Birthday Cakes scattered all around the Fortnite map and to tick them off and have them count towards your progress you’ll have to dance right next to them. The challenge was initially bugged for some players, but it seems to be fixed and working again for everyone.

You can use any dance emote you like - we used the Orange Justice dance from the Season 4 Battle Pass - but make sure you get in close so everything registers correctly.

Here are the locations you can visit and dance - there are 10 on total:

  • There's a big cake in the north of Flush Factory next to the toilet on top of the pole
  • You can find another cake on the eastern outskirts of Pleasant Park
  • You can find a third cake to the southeast of Lazy Links, it's next to the road that curves around through the golf course.
  • Head over to the hill just to the southeast of Risky Reels to find another cake - it's level with the trees that are next to the screen.
  • In Retail Row, there's a cake in the middle of the street just to the northeast of the basketball court.
  • You can find a cake right in the centre of Fatal Fields too - next to the wind mill.
  • There's another cake northwest of Lonely Lodge. It's between the large house that's in the northwest of the area and the small caravan park with one RV and three cars.
  • To the west of the top of the waterfall on the southern edge of Loot Lake, you'll find another cake.
  • In Greasy Grove there's a cake between the big burger joint and the basketball court.
  • Just to the north of Paradise Palms, outside the area wall, there's another cake.

To give you a better idea, here are the Birtday Cake locations circled on the Fortnite Map:

These are all the locations you need to complete the challenge, but if we find more, we’ll add them below.

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