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Fortnite: Golf Cart Locations - where to find an ATK All-Terrain Kart

Since the ATK (or All-Terrain Kart) first joining Fortnite at the start of Season 5, Epic Games have added tons more to the map. Here’s where you can find one of the new golf carts for yourself to take for a spin.

The ATK is one of the most awesome additions to Fortnite with the release of Season 5. Powersliding around corners gives you a boost of speed, so drifting is very much worth it.

It's recommended that you grab one for the jumping through flaming hoops challenge from week 4.

ATKs are like shopping carts in that they don’t spawn in the same place every time. You have a chance to find an ATK in the following locations, but it’s not 100%.

Fortnite ATK Golf Cart locations:

Snobby Shore ATK Golf Cart locations:

  • In Snobby Shore, you can find an ATK in front of the south-most house in the row of five. It’s the one with the security cameras on the walls. The ATK near the front gate.
  • There are two more ATKs in the north of the area, east of the northernmost house on the other side of the road.
  • Golf carts can also spawn on the western edge of the map, behind the houses.
  • You have a chance at finding more ATKs outside the second house in the row, as well as the garage of the third.

Racetrack ATK Golf Cart locations:

  • Near the racetrack on the western side of the map, there’s a car showroom to the north of the area. You can find an ATK behind some velvet ropes inside of this building.
  • There’s another ATK spawn on the back of truck in the racetrack car park.
  • Also in the main building, you have a chance to find another ATK in the garage, which is the part of the building with a curved metal roof.
  • It looks like sometimes you can find golf carts around the track too, as well as in the garage on the eastern side of the track.

Paradise Palms ATK Golf Cart locations:

  • In the new Paradise Palms area, there’s a garage towards the northern side of the location, to the northeast of the tall skyscraper. Just outside the garage doors is another ATK.
  • There's also a chance that a golf cart will spawn just in front of the tall hotel.
  • You can actually find quite a lot of golf carts scattered around in the garages of buildings in the east of Paradise Palms.
  • To the east of Paradise Palms there's an area with a ramp that goes off the edge of the map and an RV. You can sometimes find a golf cart here.
  • A golf cart can also spawn in the west of the unnamed town to the south of Paradise Palms.
  • There's a chance an ATK will spawn on the bridge to the southwest of Paradise Palms.
  • You can also find a golf cart both to the north and to the south of the unnamed gas station that's southwest of Paradise Palms.

Flush Factory ATK Golf Cart location:

  • There’s a chance at finding an ATK in the car park in the northwest of Flush Factory.

Lazy Links ATK Golf Cart locations:

  • There’s a chance at finding an ATK in the northeast of Lazy Links, next to the pond.
  • You can also find another couple in the southwest of the area, where there’s a row of garages.
  • Sometimes you can find a golf cart right next to the tennis court in the east of the area.
  • Golf carts can also spawn all over the golf courses mostly to the northeast and southwest.
  • You can find an ATK to the west of the swimming pool sometimes too.

Junk Junction ATK Golf Cart location:

  • You have a chance at finding one Golf cart in Junk Junction, on the western side of the main building in the centre of the area.

Wailing Woods ATK Golf Cart Location:

  • There's another isolated ATK spawn in the far northeast of the map between references I2 and J2. It's east of Risky and north of the Wailing Wood.

All-Terrain Karts are a great way to traverse the map while you’re trying to complete the Season 5 Week 1 challenges. Especially when you’re trying to search floating lightning bolts, which are spread out across the map.

You could also use one to follow the treasure map found in Risky Reels.

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