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Dying Light 2 Guide - Everything you need to know about Villedor

Change the city forever

Welcome to Villedor. The streets are full of zombies and the rooftops are full of axe-wielding thugs. Please enjoy your visit.

Everything is out to get Aiden as he searches for his sister in the ruined city, so to help steer your progress, our Dying Light 2 guide has everything you need.

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Aiden is a Pilgrim, a kind of courier who travels between settlements in the post-apocalyptic society of Dying Light 2. So while he’s more than capable of handling himself on the road, he’s a little lost in the perils and politics of city life.

So, whether it’s the best path for enhancing your abilities, gathering the important resources you need to survive, or helping you pick between agonising story beats, we’ve played that part of Dying Light 2 and can lead the way to where you want to go.

This guide is split into three sections: systems, items, and story.

The systems guides will go over the myriad mechanics of Dying Light 2, helping you to get the most out of the tools the game has set out for you.

Next, the item guides are self-explanatory. This is where you will find the most useful and important pieces of kit to have at your side during your time in Villedor.

Finally, as much as Dying Light 2 is focused on fast and kinetic gameplay, it has a twisty and varied set of narrative choices that can shape your experience in different ways. If you’re stuck on which path to take, we can lay out the options available to you.

Beware, the story section will contain some spoilers, but we’ll break up the section with images so you can scroll up to where you are in the storyline.

Dying Light 2 Systems Guides

Dying Light 2 Items Guides

Dying Light 2 Story Guides

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