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How to find the best weapons and repair weapons in Dying Light 2

Slice, squish and smoosh

With stocks of ammunition long since spent, guns are a thing of the past in Dying Light 2, where the best weapons are homemade swords, axes, and DIY brass knuckles.

However, despite most of your time in Villedor being spent picking up loot, scavenging isn’t the easiest way to lay your hands on the strongest weapons.

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Throughout the early game in Dying Light 2, you’re best off just grabbing whatever weapons you find or get handed to you.

As your character tier improves, the floor loot or quest rewards you find as you advance the story will easily outclass anything you found earlier.

However, once you reach the Central Loop and the whole map opens up to you, there are a few guaranteed places you can go to grab great weaponry.

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What are the best weapons in Dying Light 2?

The quick answer is they’re all good. My favourite weapons were the brass knuckles, one-handed axes and machetes, and two-handed longswords.

If you’re looking to wield something like Lucas’s Lazarus, then they look to be the Ice Pick Claws with an electric Mod.

How to get the Lazarus in Dying Light 2

You can get the actual Lazarus claws after arriving onboard the PK Floating Fortress. If you save Aitor's life during the "Aitor" side quest, he'll appear at the Fish Eye later with his son and give you the claws, regardless of which faction you choose.

The longer answer is it depends on which faction you choose.

The PK Crossbow

The crossbow is the absolute best weapon in the game. It never breaks, it's ranged with a fast rate of fire, which makes combat significantly easier against slower enemies, and you can craft bolts with elemental properties, including electricity and fire.

The only problem is it's exclusive to the Peacekeeper route. You unlock the Crossbow by reaching city alignment level 4 - giving four faction buildings to the PK, in other words - which means you're locked to the Peacekeeper route. There is an alternative that's only slightly less impressive, though.

The Bow

You'll get the bow no matter which route you take. While it's not as powerful or fast as the crossbow, it, too, will never break. You can craft your first bow after finishing the Let's Waltz story mission. The blueprint for it automatically appears in your inventory.

Later, you can swipe the more powerful Paper Clip bow from Lawan's apartment during The Shoe mission.

For a more detailed overview, there are four things that make weapons the best in Dying Light 2:

  • Rarity
  • Damage
  • Bonuses
  • Repairability

Weapon Rarity in Dying Light

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the rarity of an item the better it is, because it will have more bonuses, as well as higher base durability.

The tiers of rarity are:

  • Common - 40 Base Durability, no bonus
  • Uncommon - 112 Base Durability, no bonus
  • Rare - 138 Base Durability, 1 bonus
  • Unique - 174 Base Durability, 2 bonuses
  • Artifact - 210 Base Durability, 3 bonuses

Unique tier weapons are not actually unique, you can find multiples of the same one. So even when weapons have a one-off sounding name, don’t baby them - you can track down more of the same eventually.

As you get towards the end of Dying Light 2 you will come across more Artifact tier weapons, with most of them being something you will want to use right away.

Damage and Bonuses in Dying Light 2

The next thing to pay attention to when scoping out the best weapons in Dying Light 2 is the damage dealt and the extra bonuses. As mentioned, Rare, Unique, and Artifact weapons all have between 1 and 3 additional benefits on top of raw damage.

The best bonuses on weapons in Dying Light 2 are:

  • Damage vs Humans
  • Damage vs Infected
  • Damage during Day
  • Damage during Night
  • Stamina Regeneration on Quick Attack

Since you can equip 4 weapons at once in Dying Light 2, look out for the different damage boosting bonuses, then have that weapon be your go-to for the given situation.

For example, you have a Damage vs Infected weapon that you can switch to specifically when you’re fighting zombies. Or switch between dedicated Day and Night weapons for instance.

This helps you to keep weapons from wearing out too quickly and gives some variety to a combat system that involves a lot of repetition.

Stamina Regeneration is always good to look out for, since it lets you spam your attacks for longer if you get stuck in a tight spot.

However, if a weapon doesn’t have any great bonuses, it’s not the end of the world - you’re going to be Dropkicking most things off of a building anyway.

Where do I find the best weapons in Dying Light 2?

While you would think a game with so much looting would reward scavengers with the best weapons, the easiest way to get great weaponry is to buy it.

Once you reach the Fish Eye canteen in the Central Loop, head over to the Shopkeeper outside above the main bar.

She carries a selection of awesome items for reasonable prices, including Unique and Artifact weapons.

Check back with her regularly for new stock and grab whatever you like the look of - there’s great stuff from every category in there.

Traders show up at other faction settlements once you assign a facility to your faction of choice, and they also carry powerful Unique weapons.

Additionally, to get a guaranteed great Artifact weapon, complete the Bandit Camp activities around the city.

Once you’ve defeated the lieutenants and leader and raised your flag, Aiden will get a top-tier weapon added immediately to his inventory.

Then also, if scavenging is really your thing, then Military Convoys are the place to look.

These are basically resource nodes on the map where you have to deal with a huge swathe of zombies, including some of a powerful variant, to be able to loot the stranded tanks and ambulances.

Here you have a chance to get decent weapons, but there’s more work involved than just paying the Shopkeeper a visit.

Finally, a decent source of weapons are the lockpicking boxes, GRE Airdrops, and Inhibitor caches you find all throughout the world. Pillage them as you see them and you’ll never run out of decent things to hit people and zombies with.

How do I repair weapons in Dying Light 2?

The only way to repair weapons in Dying Light 2 is to install Mods which restore Durability.

All weapons have a Durability stat which decreases as you use it, but only some weapons can be repaired in Dying Light 2.

It makes sense that weapons you can repair are better, because you can use them for longer.

In the top right of a weapon’s icon in your inventory, you can see small circles in the top right corner. These are Mod Slots.

Weapons can have between 1 and 3 Mod Slots, but not all weapons of even Artifact rarity have them.

When you craft and place a Mod in a weapon’s slot, you restore 50 Durability to that weapon.

Once you have slotted a Mod into a weapon, you cannot slot another - it’s a one-time deal. So make sure you only add Mods to a weapon when you can get the full advantage of the Durability boost.

This also means that only weapons with Mod Slots can be repaired, so they are extra-valuable additions to your collection.

For more help on Aiden's quest, here's our full Dying Light 2 guide.

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