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Dying Light 2 Hakon - Should you Save or Leave Hakon?

A friend in need

In Dying Light 2’s ruined city of Villedor, it’s hard to know who to trust. So when friends don’t turn out to be as firm as they appeared, is it really that much of a surprise?

The choice of whether to help Hakon or leave him to die is a timed one, so you might just be coming to see if you made the right decision.

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While this choice might be a little bit of an illusion, it can still have some implications for later on in Dying Light 2’s story.

Should you help Hakon or leave him to die in Dying Light 2?

Without dipping into spoilers or giving too much context away, it’s best to help Hakon out.

As you progress further through Dying Light 2, opportunities to develop relationships with certain characters present themselves, and if you’re a fan of happy endings, then it makes sense to keep Hakon as a friend.

Hakon can feature relatively heavily in the storyline of a side-faction, and play a role in the conclusion of the main story as well depending on later choices. So while this single decision doesn’t necessarily have a massive impact, it opens up the option for “good” story opportunities in future.

Plus, you’ve seen what happened to Dylan and other people that double-crossed Waltz at the start of your time in Villedor - can you really blame Hakon for falling in line when he came knocking?

Whatever your decision, now’s the time to focus on making your way into the middle of the city and exploring the wealth of activities and quests on offer in the Central Loop.

Now that your association with either Sophie or Aitor has come to a head, you can take on a new set of challenges in a different part of the city.

If you're struggling to make the big calls in Villedor, take a look at our Dying Light 2 guide.

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