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Dying Light 2 safe codes and safe locations

Cracking codes

Dying Light 2 safe codes are tough riddles to crack, but with treasure that’s usually worth the trouble.

Some contain collectibles, and others valuable weapons, but you’ll also find inhibitors in quite a few of Villedor’s safes. Here’s where to look.

Dying Light 2 safe codes explained

The end of the world happened quickly, but the good folk of Villedor still had time to stash their belongings in safes dotted aroudn the city. Some of these include collectibles such as tapes, though others house much more useful items, namely Inhibitors. You'll need as many of these as you can grab to unlock some of Aiden's best skills, so it's worth taking the time to grab them.

Safe codes are usually near the safes themselves - in an adjacent room, for example, or scrawled on a piece of paper next to the safe. You don't have to find them to open the safe, though.

Below you’ll find all the safe codes we’ve uncovered so far, safe locations, and where to find the codes themselves if you want them in your collectibles tab.

Bazaar Tower safe code

This safe is in the belfry of the Bazaar cathedral in Trinity. The note with the code is next to the safe, and it asks you to do a bit of basic math: 5 x 100 + 15 - 5. If you don’t feel like tickling the little gray cells, the answer is 5 1 0.

Open the safe, and you’ll find a tape inside.

Nightrunner’s Hideout safe code

The Nightrunner’s Hideout is in a building under construction in Houndfield. Clamber up to the back room, and shove the cabinet aside to find the actual Nightrunner’s safe place. Power the generator on, and grab the safe code note from nearby.

The code is: 1 0 1

This one has an Inhibitor, so it’s definitely worth picking up.

Moonshine safe code

If you agreed to help Jack and Joe at the Water Tower, you’ll run into them later in the game on the PK Floating Fortress and start the Moonshine side quest. They ask you to retrieve some moonshine from a safe in the Water Tower, so fast travel back to Horseshoe, climb the tower, and enter this code:

  • 14 9 2

The First Biomarker safe code

The First Biomarker quest requires you to open a safe, but the code is wrapped in a riddle.

It’s: 9 7 3

Enter that, grab the Biomarker, and head back to the questgiver.

Downtown Bandit Camp safe code

The Downtown bandit camp has a safe with an Inhibitor inside. Clear out the bandits – make sure you’ve got some good weapons on you for this – and then find the safe inside the abandoned building.

The code is: 3 1 3

Treasure Hunt safe code

This one becomes available after you finish The Deserter quest from the floating PK fortress. Head to the basement of the Muddy Waters water tower, and put this code in the safe:

3 21 67

Broadcast safe code

This one is in the Electrical Station in the Garrison area, and you’ll be here during the Broadcast main story mission.

The code is: 3 1 4

And you’ll get an Inhibitor.

Garrison radio tower safe

After Broadcast, head to (or stay on) the radio tower roof. Leap from the antenna to the nearby roof, and paraglide into the office on its south side. There's a safe and code on the desk. Enter:

6 6 6

Inside is a rubber duck.

Church of St Thomas safe code

Towering over St Paul's Island is the Church of St. Thomas Climb up it, and you'll find a safe. If you want the code, head out the window, climb up the gargoyle with hte tape sticking to it, and you'll find a container with the code. It's:

4 4 4

That’s it for all the Dying Light 2 safe codes, but make sure to check out our other Dying Light 2 guides for more help.

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