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Should you help Jack and Joe in Dying Light 2?

To give is to receive

Whether to help Jack and Joe in Dying Light 2 or not has far-reaching consequences.

You’re still free to give the tower to the Survivors or Peacekeepers no matter your choice, but a later quest will change drastically depending on what you do with the murderous pair.

Should I help Jack and Joe in Dying Light 2?

Once you arrive at the top of the water tower, you’ll disarm the explosives before Jack and Joe realize someone noisily climbed into the room and shut the window. Once they do clock Aiden, they’ll threaten to blow up the tower, and you can choose to fight or negotiate. You run into this choice no matter which path you’ve chosen to get here – whether you’ve helped Sophie or Aitor.

It’s not a timed choice, which is your clue the answer doesn’t really matter. If you say you’ll fight, they can’t blow up the tower because you disarmed it. Either way, you start negotiations. That’s when the important choice pops.

Now you have to decide whether you’ll help Jack and Joe or go against them. Refuse to help, and you’ll fight and kill them both. If you do help, you’ll end the water tower mission without a major conflict – unless you side with the Peacekeepers, in which case you’ll have a fight with Barney later on – and Jack and Joe turn up again later for a side quest.

Side quests are excellent ways to learn more about the world and get some decent loot in the process, so we recommend letting the would-be murderers get away so (nearly) everyone can leave happy.

Dying Light 2 has plenty of tough fights headed your way soon, so make sure to get ready with the best weapons. It might mean doing some shopping, so brush up on what's safe to actually sell to pad your pockets with Old World Cash.

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