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Dying Light 2: Best Skills for Parkour and Combat in Dying Light 2

The top zombie-smashing techniques

In Dying Light 2, Aiden is a parkour master, as years on the road have honed his considerable skills and athletic abilities.

Capable of leaping from rooftop to rooftop and bouncing off the head of his enemies like they’re post-apocalyptic Goomba’s, Dying Light 2’s roster of Combat and Parkour skills have tons of offensive and defensive uses. However, some are more useful than others.

These are the best combat and parkour skills in Dying Light 2 to prioritise and spend your points on. Once you’ve grabbed these must-haves, you can grab whatever you like the look of.

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What are the best combat skills in Dying Light 2?


Hilariously overpowered and endlessly satisfying, the Dropkick ability is easily the best skill in Dying Light 2.

Not only does it deal massive damage to potentially multiple enemies, but it pushes zombies and other bad guys far away enough to give you vital breathing room in tight spaces.

The Dropkick can also be used to send baddies screaming off the top of tall buildings and ledges, while a well-placed kick into conveniently placed spikes or a hard wall has a chance to instantly take care of any foe, including bosses.

What’s more, while some of Aiden’s parkour and combat skill combos can be fiddly to pull off, the Dropkick is relatively simple. Just jump once and hit block twice, and you’re dishing out the most powerful attack in the game.

Make a beeline towards Dropkick as soon as possible, down and to the right from the first combat ability.

Head Stomp

When you’re spamming Dropkick as much as you’re going to be, bad guys are going to spend a lot of time writhing on the ground in pain.

The Head Stomp Skill lets you quickly dispatch these incapacitated enemies and thin the hoard with ease.

Head Stomp is found on the right side of the tree, next to Air Kick and Vault Power Kick.

Power Attack

Another combat skill with a decent amount of utility is Power Attack. This lets you charge an unblockable attack which breaks through the annoying guard that enemies throw up as soon as you hit them.

While it does no extra damage, it can still be useful if you just don’t feel like Dropkicking for the 1000th time.

What are the best parkour skills in Dying Light 2?

Active Landing/Safe Landing

While the parkour in Dying Light 2 is pretty smooth, it always pays to line up an insurance policy for when things go wrong.

Active Landing and Safe Landing make it less of a disaster when you miss a ledge, misjudge a jump, or otherwise plummet towards the ground at terrifying speed.

Just press ‘Circle’ on PS5, ‘B’ on Xbox, or ‘C’ on PC as you land to minimise damage as well as play a fun 1st person rolling effect.

Active Landing and Safe Landing are on the left-hand side of the Parkour tree, right at the top.

Firm Grip/Fast Climb/Ledge Jump

Despite being able to pull off superhuman leaps with ease, Aiden seems to run out of stamina incredibly quickly when scaling simple-looking handholds.

Firm Grip is an absolute must-have, since it lets you pull yourself up onto a ledge when your stamina is depleted. This happens a lot more than you would think, both in the early game and beyond.

Whereas, Fast Climb and Ledge Jump let you scale those annoying handholds more easily and leads to fewer awkward situations where you fall off of buildings.

These Skills are on the right-hand side of the Parkour tree, opposite Active Landing.


If you’re anything like me, then you will already have been pressing in the left stick to sprint since the start of the game, even when it doesn’t do anything.

With Dart, pressing in the left stick will actually give you a burst of speed and a much further jump reach than you might expect.

However, use Dart carefully. The drain on Stamina can lead to you falling off a building you should easily be able to climb. It helps with jump distance, but not necessarily height when you’re scaling something in front of you.

Dart is near the bottom of the Parkour tree, on the left.

Tic Tac/Wall Run/Wall Run Jump/Wall Combo

Finally, at the bottom of the Parkour Tree, the cluster of 4 skills leading on from Tic Tac are all worth investing in once you have enough Stamina.

Tic Tac and Wall Combo both open up some fun traversal opportunities, but it’s Wall Run and Wall Run Jump that you really want.

Wall Run and Wall Run Jump allow Aiden to jump up and grab hard to reach ledges that would otherwise be too high to hold on to.

This makes picking a path through all areas of the city a more slick experience, since you can more easily brute force your way across difficult terrain.

For more on the city of Villedor, check out our full Dying Light 2 guide.

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