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Dying Light 2 Infected Trophies - What they are and how to farm Infected Trophies

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Dying Light 2 Infected Trophies are important items you probably have several of and no real idea how they wound up in your pockets.

If you want to upgrade your items, then plan on doing plenty of Infected Trophy farming. It’s easier than it sounds, though, especially if you go out at night.

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What are Infected Trophies in Dying Light 2?

Infected Trophies are rare items you’ll sometimes get for slaying the Infected. They look like tokens in your inventory and are used primarily for crafting upgrades.

You can sell them, but you absolutely shouldn’t.

Villedor has far more valuable and common things to hawk for cash, and you’ll want to upgrade certain consumables as soon as you can.

How to farm Infected Trophies in Dying Light 2

As the name suggests, you get Infected Trophies from the Infected, but not from every kind. At night, you’ll occasionally see a blue mark pop up on the map with an “encounter” tag and a brain icon. Defeating these Infected guarantees a trophy. In my experience, these are usually Uncommon Trophies from Virals, though the encounter tag did lead me to a few Bolters.

Search the dead Infected to find the trophy and move on to the next one.

Your best bet for finding any of these outside story missions is just heading out at night. That's when most of the rarer Infected make their appearance.

How to get Uncommon Infected Trophy

These are the easiest to get and come from:

  • Virals (fast runner zombies)
  • Howlers
  • Spitters

If you’re stealthy, you can sneak up or drop in on a few Howlers at night to get some easy trophies.

How to get Rare Infected Trophy

Rare trophies are, as you’d expect, a bit more difficult to come by. These often drop from:

  • Goons
  • Bolters
  • Banshees

You’ll find plenty of Goons in Old Villedor alone, though Bolters and Banshees are more elusive.

How to get Unique Infected Trophy

Naturally, these are much rarer and drop from powerful enemies, including:

  • Volatiles
  • Demolishers
  • Chargers

Chargers are often part of story missions where you face Infected, and Demolishers are usually bosses. You’ve probably slayed a few Volatiles without realizing it if you tend to do night missions.

Infected Trophy farming method

One easy way to farm uncommon trophies from fast running zombies is to trigger a Chase by alerting a howler at night.

Next, run to the nearest small settlement for a source of UV light.

You can then hide in the light and let the zombies mass on the border. Occaisionally dive in swinging, take out a few, collect your trophies, then slip back into the UV light's safety.

If you’re having trouble staying alive on the streets of Villedor at night, check out our other Dying Light 2 guides, and make sure you’ve got the best weapons and best skills for the job.

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