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Resident Evil 7 guide & walkthrough: all weapons, coins, unlocks, keys and secrets

We can help you survive the Baker family... and everything that follows.


Resident Evil 7 is billed as a return to the horror series’ more slow paced and methodical roots, with the game sharing quite a lot in common with the original two titles in the series. That means puzzles, backtracking, optional and hidden items, weapon upgrades and limited resources. All of which, we think, makes the game one of the best horror experiences on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

It also makes it ample material for a guide – and we’re here to help. As of the time of writing we’ve completed Resident Evil 7 three times – once on normal difficulty blind, and two exploration-driven easy-mode meanders through its world to find more secrets. This guide is primarily based on notes from our first normal play-through, augmented a little with additional tidbits from later play-throughs as there are a number of secrets that are well worth unlocking.

As far as possible, we’ll keep this guide spoiler-free. We’ll hint at and talk around revelations rather than outright reveal them although please understand that some things are unavoidable. Things like item locations, available weaponry and bosses will be spoiled as we need to talk about them, of course, but we’re not going to spoil big plot twists or indeed warn you about jump scares. Consider yourself warned.

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Resident Evil 7 walkthrough: a step-by-step guide to surviving the horror

Here you'll find our walkthrough of the game. This is based off notes taken on one of our full runs of the game, and will basically guide you to a fairly safe and route through the game on any difficulty. We'll ensure you backtrack to get any optional weapons and items you might otherwise miss and point out pick-ups so you constantly have enough supplies. Plus we have puzzle solutions and the like. Good luck!


Resident Evil 7: secrets and collectables

It's here we'll list all the hidden stuff in Resident Evil 7, from secrets and Easter eggs to collectable coins and other items crucial to the game.

Resident Evil 7: DLC guide and tips

The nightmare isn't over once the credits roll - oh no, that'd be far too easy. Here are our pages to help you out with RE7's downloadable content and other extras.

  • How to beat the Banned Footage Vol 1: Nightmare DLC

    Clancy spends a truly horrifying night trying to survive in the Baker's basement. It'll take all your smarts to stay alive - and Capcom full intends you die a couple of times. Here's our guide to survival.

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