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Resident Evil 7 walkthrough part 10: how to get the arm and the snake key

No actual snakes, mercifully... just a key.


Resident Evil 7 Guide: Walkthrough #10 - How to get the arm and snake key

At the end of part 9, we picked up an optional grenade launcher but then you hopefully saved it and used other weapons to blast Maugertie's long-armed spider-like form to hell. With her gone the bug house is now a hell of a lot safer and easier to explore. Before you go any further, consider returning there and having a slow wander around, checking for any additional items you might've missed. You're likely a bit battered from the last fight, so it always makes to do a sweep for any extra items that will help.

When you're ready, head up through the crow door and for that small area to where the door is. Having picked up the lantern, you can now use the lantern to balance the scales and head on in... oh, an alligator. Okay. But it's not real. Phew.

Anyway: this section of the game is really all about the atmosphere, and there are no vital items to speak of that I found - just some story items scattered throughout these rooms.

Head through the rooms. We'll keep it spoiler-free, so that's all the advice you're getting. Head right the way through this darkened area. When you reach a kids room - a dead end - inspect the doll house to learn of the location of a secret door in the back wall.

Inside you can get the arm, so go ahead and do that. Once you have the arm, head back to the trailer. Inside, save, take care of item management business... and then, there, like clockwork, there's the phone. It's time to head back to the main house.

How to get the Snake Key

Head back to the house. Be careful along the way when you get near the dissection room. Find the cop - he's exactly where he was before, though he has been moved.

Once you find the cop and examine all the stuff around him, Lucas will call out over an intercom to give you some instructions. Well... no choice but to do what he says. When you do, your reward will be the snake key.

That, unfortunately for you, is not your only reward. There are now enemies absolutely everywhere, even outside between the house and the trailer. They are still finite, but there's quite a few of them scattered about. Be careful coming out of the dissection room. There are two crawling enemies on your left. Take them out first. On your right, there's a moulded that'll come out of the wall as well.

Head right, down the stairs, and open the snake door. This is a shortcut back to the maze-like area where you fought molded earlier. There are a few crawling around here, so be careful! It's darker, nastier and more dangerous down here than it was before, so be careful. Head back to the main hall as quickly and as carefully as you can.

resident evil 7 (10)

Using the Snake Key to gain access to the Master Bedroom

Now both its intended occupants are dead, head towards the Master Bedroom. That's off from the main hall, upstairs on the opposite side to where you've visited before. There are molded out here, so be ready for a fight.

Inside the first snake room, the master bedroom:

  • A herb inside a drawer
  • A box with a lockpick inside
  • Chem fluid in a wardrobe
  • A clock (we'll come back to this shortly)

There's a storage room attached to the Master Bedroom. You want this place: inside there is:

  • Another backpack upgrade, expanding your inventory
  • A treasure photo
  • A plan for the grenade launcher and a clue as to its location (but you should already have this if you've been following our guide)
  • A herb inside a box on a shelf

Once you've cleaned that out, go back to the master bedroom. The clock opens a secret passageway, and a clue is next to it: "Same time as all other clocks". You can go out to the main hall to check if you want as some stuff in RE7 is randomized, but in both playthroughs game that was 10:15.

In part 11, we'll head down the passageway that opens... and get ourselves a key. This doesn't look threatening at all, nope.

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