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Resident Evil 7 walkthrough part 11: red keycards, blue keycards and how to get the M21 shotgun

Keycards. How very Spencer Mansion...

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Resident Evil 7 Guide: Walkthrough #11 - Getting the red & blue keycards

At the end of the last part we just solved a little puzzle by manually setting the time on a clock. Now it's time to head a little deeper into the passageway that emerged and... oh, joy, it's closing behind you. Great.

When you enter this room Ethan will exclaim in disgust. In a cabinet there's some enhanced handgun ammo. On the table there's a RED KEYCARD - very Spencer Mansion.

This is actually the workshop - if you've been paying attention to the map, you'll know that's the one room of the downstairs basement/processing area with the molded we've been unable to reach. You can't go back upstairs the way you came, so prepare to head back through the familiar basement by exiting through the door that until now has been locked for you.

As you might imagine... there's some more molded now. Get past them however you can. Conserve ammo. Make your way to the save room directly up the stairs to catch your breath.

How to get the blue keycard

Remember the recreation room upstairs? This is the room where we found the Mia tape and the room you likely revisited to get the broken shotgun from. The next snake door is near that, so make your way back through the main hall and head for that room.

This room is what appears to be the bedroom of Lucas as a child, and it seems he was rather talented with building things and electronics. Hmm... There's some items here, too:

  • There's shotgun ammo underneath a small side table
  • A herb inside a plant pot
  • Some shotgun shells in the dresser next to the bed
  • A lockpick inside a vase on a free-hanging shelf

You can read the clues around the room to help you solve this simple mini-puzzle, but you're basically looking for a key to the attic.

It's hidden in a trophy. The answer: investigate the trophy that's been turned into a lamp. You'll find a switch. A ladder will drop. Head into the attic.

In the attic there's a few more items to grab:

  • Behind the ladder you clambered up there's a MODEL SHOTGUN and TOY AXE - both optional key items for extra puzzles. There's also some story detail behind here.
  • Inside the cabinet there's a tape, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
  • Near the shadow puzzle there's some strong chem fluid.

Here's another shadow puzzle, then - this is the most complicated yet, but it still took me little over a minute. Make the ominous axe-man, and remember our rules from before: concentrate on the shadow, not the object itself. You'll soon have it.

The little doll house will open - there's your BLUE KEYCARD.

You need to head out to the yard next - so why not drop by the trailer to save and use the TV and VHS combo there? Before you do, we've got some optional extras for you to consider.


How to get the powerful M21 Shotgun

So, here’s an (easily misable) twist to Resident Evil 7’s shotguns: the broken shotgun from grandma’s room that you just put on the pedestal in order to escape with the shotgun that does work is actually a fully-functioning shotgun. It’s far more powerful, but only stores two mega-powerful shots at a time.

This double-barreled shotgun can be found later in the game. Now you have the Snake Key and access to the Attic you can grab the Toy Shoygun item, as mentioned earlier. Once you get the Toy Shotgun, you can swap it out with the shotgun on the pedestal. With that, you have access to both shotguns – but one is still broken.

Hidden throughout the game are repair kits. These super rare items are used to fix a few broken weapons you can find around the game. One can be found underneath the front decking of the house pretty much as soon as you exit the main house, for instance. Using a repair kit on the broken shotgun will make it usable – it takes the same ammo as the regular shotgun, so it’s a pure damage versus shot speed trade-off choice.

Even if you don't have a repair kit to hand right now, grab the second shotgun and save it in your box for later.

Optional Extras: An extra Stabilizer to steady your hands

Stabilizers are one time use items that increase Ethan's dexterity, making him reload guns faster and aim a little steadier. You've encountered one of these before, most likely - the most obvious instance being that the stabilizer is one of the upgrade items available via the cages in the trailer.

Speaking of the yard, when you head out there after the attic there'll be a few fast-moving molded. Take them down and then search the bushes directly in front of the exit of the trailer, to the right hand side of the house. You'll be able to push through the bushes here and find, hidden away, a light puzzle.

This puzzle isn't just about the shape, but also the numbers. If you want to figure it out yourself, skip to the next paragraph. If you want to know the answer, here: you need to make the number 7. Use the Toy Axe to do so.

Voila! The chest next to the puzzle opens and you get a stabilizer, making you a little more deadly with your weapons. This is a very handy addition to your arsenal.

Next up? Well, we're about to confront Lucas, but first... let's check out that optional Happy Birthday tape. To be continued...

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