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Desperate to see more of the Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster? You'll want to tune into the showcase Capcom's just announced

Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess and Resi 7 Biohazard for IOS are also set to make appearances.

A mall in the Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster.
Image credit: Capcom

In case you missed it, Capcom casually revealed that the original Dead Rising's getting a remake yesterday. It's called Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster, and your first chance to see anything about it beyond the inital teaser trailer will be at the summer Capcom Next showcase the publisher's just announced.

While it's not the only game set to show up, it's fair to say the remaster will be the main event of this nice little broadcast, likely offering a chance for you to go 'eugh, Frank definitely looks weird now' or 'you know, I don't mind how Frank looks now' numerous times before it concludes.

Watch on YouTube

You'll be able to catch the summer 2024 edition of Capcom Next on July 1 at 3PM PT, which is 11PM BST and 6PM ET. All ya gotta do is rock up and press play on the video above when that time hits and you'll be drowned in the video game.

25 minutes of video games, to be exact, with "first details" about the Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster, news about Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, and the iPhone, iPad, and Mac version of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Capcom's handily declared that "this event will not include news or updates for other titles", having singled out Monster Hunter Wilds especially in that regard on the webpage.

Maybe we'll get some gameplay or a rease date for the remaster, though at least an indication of the platforms it'll be coming to sounds like a good bet for a bare minimum even in the event the former two things aren't present.

How hyped up are you for the Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster? Do you think Frank looks weird now? Do yopu think his new model does his hairline dirty? Let us know below?

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