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Resident Evil 7 walkthrough part 13: how to survive the barn traps and solve birthday cake puzzle

Work your way through a booby-trapped maze.

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Resident Evil 7 Guide: Walkthrough #13 - Battle in the barn

At the end of the previous part of our guide we saved our game and prepped for a fight in the barns of Lucas' SAW-like Testing Area. Our adventures continue so you can expect similar traumatic experiences when you leave the save room.

Once you leave the save room, turn left. On the left as the path opens up is a box (up against the outer wall of the save room) - smash it for some chem fluid. In the far right hand corner of this upper level there's also some strong chem fluid.

There's nothing else up here, so when ready drop down into the lower area. Downstairs there are a lot more items:

  • Shotgun shells in a box you can smash in the far corner, under the raised platform and just down from where there's a missing battery.
  • A box on a table you can smash that also has shotgun shells.
  • Handgun ammo in the first box you see up the stairs on the platform, nearest the battery.
  • A booby trapped box - ignore this or you'll take damage.
  • A herb near the booby trapped box
  • A car battery. Grab this!

Slot the battery into the empty slot downstairs and... well, what happens next, you can deal with. If you've been following this guide right the way through you have more than enough ammo: keep a decent distance, avoid the projectile attack and shoot for the head. I used the shotgun here. Good luck!

When that encounter is over, take the newly opened elevator upstairs. Follow the hallway around. In this room you find:

  • Chem Fluid on a bookcase
  • Supplements on the table near the sink
  • A clue on the body: A number, which is randomized on each game, and... You're next. Note down the number.

There's an antique coin on the shelf as you exit the room. There's a staircase you can drop with a button - do so.

This staircase drops you down to the locked door from before, and now you have the code. Enter it. The door will signal that it's unlocked, but it still won't open until you get rid of everything you're carrying. Uh-oh. Drop off your stuff in the handily-placed chest and head through.


Solve the birthday cake puzzle

We're now where that poor chap perished in the Happy Birthday tape. I hope you've already done that tape and all this looks familiar.

So, if you remember, the Happy Birthday tape has a very unhappy ending because the whole thing is rigged against you: by doing the steps necessary to unlock the door, you set a deadly trap. Lighting the cake candles starts a fire you can't escape.

Not so here! 'Cos we've watched the tape, we've SEEN the answers. And we can break the sequence. Let's mess up those best-laid plains. Sorry, Lucas. So:

  • Grab the candle from the creepy doll dude.
  • Head deeper into the rooms and down a short right-hand hallway. There's a birthday cake, but as you approach it sprinklers put out your candle. The task is to light the cake candles - so, to get past the sprinkler.
  • Head out from the cake room and re-light the candle on the kitchen hob. Use the candle to burn the rope holding the door nearby closed and head through.
  • In here there's a lot of balloons, as you'll remember. But instead of just grabbing the balloon (though grab it if you want), input the password you saw the guy in the tape input into the lock on the door: LOSER. We saw this in the tape.
  • Head inside, grab the valve. Use this valve to seal the pipe in the cake room. DO NOT take the key out of the barrel.
  • Light the candle on the oven hob again, then head back to the cake and light the candles.
  • The cake explodes, as in the video, but because there's no oil leak around it, you survive.

Okay, now you have to be quick: a bomb will be dropped into the room. To the right of the cake there's a patched up wall. Pick up the bomb then head to the wall and hit X on the patched-up area. You'll find a way to shove the bomb behind the wall.

Run away, and when it explodes head back there to find an escape route.

Head through the newly-created exit to find Lucas' little control room. It's also a save room. There's a crate to pick up your gear again, plus the D-Series head you needed. On the wall next to the save point is a map of this area, the TESTING AREA.

It's time to move on yet again. Look at the TV and -- you're making progress! But Lucas isn't done yet...

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