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Resident Evil 7 guide: where to find all the antique coin collectables

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Resident Evil's antique coins are the best kind of in-game collectible - one with a little bit of substance. That's because the coins are used to purchase upgrades from the Trailer, your main hub in the game, and a few other special save points. If you find yourself a long way from the trailer, remember that there are other points where you can use the coins, and you progress transfers over. If you've used 3 coins in a cage in the trailer, that same cage with have three coins already in it in a new location, so don't get the impression any of these coins have been wasted.

There are three major upgrades available: a health upgrade, a reload speed booster and a powerful magnum pistol. Each requires a certain number of coins. Here, to help, is our guide on how to find each and every one of the coins in the game.

Finding all the coins will also net you a trophy/achievement or two: finding them all on Easy or Normal will get you one, while finding them all on Madhouse Difficulty will get you another.

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Resident Evil 7: all antique coin locations

  • Antique Coin #1 is found in the GUEST HOUSE 1F inside a locked drawer in the kitchen right at the very start of the game. There's a trick to this one, however. Load up the Derelict House Footage VHS tape and search around the outside area you start in to find a lockpick - it'll be a way behind you. When you head inside, look for a locked drawer in the kitchen on your right. Use the lockpick to open the drawer. Finish the tape, and as Ethan go and revisit this now-unlocked drawer to find your first Antique Coin.
  • The second Antique Coin can be grabbed when you grab the key and crawl into the crawlspace underneath the MAIN HOUSE 1F. As you crawl through there's a red lawnmower off to the side - it's difficult to miss. There's an antique coin on it.
  • Antique Coin #3 is in the MAIN HALL of the MAIN HOUSE 1F. If you look at your map, the coin is found in a drawer in the upper left area of the map, before the phone and the dilapidated sofa next to the dog head door.
  • Coin #4 is in the MAIN HOUSE 2F - it's inside the Recreation Room, which is marked on your map. On your map check the top-right area of the room - this is above the pool table and near the locked door. There's a Mr. Everywhere here, and right by it, a coin.
  • The fifth coin is in MAIN HOUSE 2F's Bathroom. Look in the top left of the room as indicated on your map - there you will find a grotty old toilet. Brave looking inside it and you'll find yourself an antique coin.
  • Your sixth antique coin is found back in the MAIN HOUSE 1F inside the briefing room - the room with the whiteboard that's next door to the memorable room with the deer. Sat on the table near the locked box is an ashtray, and the coin is sitting inside it.
  • Coin #7 is found in the PROCESSING AREA - the basement of the main house. In the room where you find the area map and the scorpion key. The map is grabbed from metal shelves; turn left from here to find a wooden palette leaning against the wall. Crouch and look behind the right side of the palette to find this coin.
  • Coin #8 is outside the main house - as soon as you exit the house through the dog-head door and into the YARD, head down the small steps onto the grass. Hook a hard right, then right again - you basically want to push up towards the wall of the house on this lower level. This area looks inaccessible on your map, but search around and you'll find a coin in a plant pot.
  • Antique Coin #9 is basically unmissable unless you're seriously not paying attention - when you head into the TRAILER in the yard, the coin is sitting in front of the cage that contains the Magnum gun.
  • Coin #10 is found in the OLD HOUSE 1F. As part of the story you'll crouch through a small hole and catch the briefest of glimpses of Mia in a side room. The hallway that leads to this side room has a trolley in it, and atop it is this coin.
  • After your adventures in the house searching for the crow key, you'll be able to find Coin #11. It's found in the same room as the crow key, which is the northernmost outhouse of the OLD HOUSE 1F. In that little box room, look on top of the toilet - you'll find the coin.
  • The twelfth antique coin is grabbed from OLD HOUSE 2F. Once you've been in some fights and opened the crow door, as part of the story you're going to come across a dead end where you need a lantern. In this room there's a set of drawers, and the coin is in the topmost drawer.
  • You'll be sent to wander around the main house again, but your next coin is found later on in the TESTING AREA 1F. At the end of a long corridor that's booby trapped your next objective will be in a large barn to your left. In front of you is a small boxy storage room. This room is also booby trapped. Use your gun to shoot out the trip wire explosives to make the room safe. Inside there are some supplies and in a drawer of the green desk coin #13.
  • Coin #14 follows an encounter with that fat man molded in the 'barn fight'. When you reach a room in TESTING AREA 2F with a button to drop stairs back down to 1F, look for some chest-high shelves mounted. In the corner of one shelf is this antique coin.

After this point, some major story locations are spoiled in our descriptions. You're warned...


  • Back to it - spoilers! Coin #15 is found on the WRECKED SHIP 1F as you climb through the ship. After you see a flashback with two workers that opens up a duct, you'll want to drop into the hole. You'll be able to crawl either right or left. Right is a dead end, but if you crawl in that direction there's a coin in this dead end.
  • The sixteenth coin is found a matter of minutes later and is also in the WRECKED SHIP 1F. You'll end up in an area where you'll pass a dead body and drop into water. There's a ladder up out of that water. You'll find the coin to the left of the ladder, in the murky water.
  • Coin #17 is found in the WRECKED SHIP 3F in a big red box... except it's locked. Because you have a new inventory here, you don't have any old lockpicks, and there's only one in this area to find. Grab the lockpick from 2F - at the northern side of the map opposite the stairwell door there's a door to a small side-room. It's near the bunk rooms. In here there's a ladder - climb up to find some ammo and a box you can examine to get your mitts on the lockpick.
  • The final collectible antique coin in the game proper, it's found inside a locked box in WRECKED SHIP S2 after you pass through one of the engine rooms - the room that requires you to climb down some stairs, then up and around in a circle towards a higher-up door. You need corrosive to melt this safe box open, and the coin is inside.

Using the Dirty Coin from the Beginning Hour Demo

The Dirty Coin is basically a different type of Antique Coin - and by completing the Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo you can get your hands on one of these and transfer it to your main game. All this really means is that you're one coin ahead and one coin closer to each of the upgrades all game, but it's handy all the same.

Once you've completed the Beginning Hour demo, simply load up your game of Resident Evil 7 and play until the point where you reach your first locker box where you can store items. The coin will be waiting for you there.

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