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Resident Evil 7 walkthrough part 8: where to find the crow key

To get the crow, we need a crank. And stealth skills.


Resident Evil 7 Guide: Walkthrough #8 - Finding the crow door key

At the end of the last chapter, if you're following our guide, you will have combined the burner grip and the burner nozzle to create the burner, a makeshift, home-made flamethrower that you can use as a weapon. Nice. You should be out on a little walkway over water, inside the outhouse where you picked up the burner nozzle.

Back in the house you're going to find you can now get rid of those pesky bulbous hives full of bugs. You need to blast them with the flamethrower; I found they 'explode' three times before they're completely dead, so just keep blasting them with flames, starting with the one right in front of you when you leave the little outhouse. If you need more burner fuel, remember you can create it from solid fuel and chempacks in the crafting menu.

Hook a left and head back into the house proper. You can now burn the spiders off that cabinet right in front of you. Do so, and grab the chem pack and strong chem pack inside. It's worth the flames.

Head through the door to the right of the cabinet and burn the bug nest directly in front of you. This nest is actually in front of a passageway - crouch down and head through it. There's an antique coin and a Mr. Everywhere in this area, both on your left as you walk down this narrow hallway.

In the room beyond the door there's a short story cutscene, and you can also grab the wooden item needed to complete the shadow quest as seen in Mia's tape in this room. Grab it, watch the cutscene, then head back the way you came. Now go through the door on your right.


Getting the crank to get the crow key

Welp! There's Mama Baker. Okay. She wants you to stay out, so... oblige. Go the other way around. As you pass these nests, burn them. You might be tempted to just run past, but your life will generally be easier if you clear out the nests now, plus there's items like chem packs in the areas near the nests that burning them enables you to grab. Now we're back to sneaking, as in the Mia tape, avoiding Maugerite. We need to get to that shadow room and complete that puzzle - you likely already know the way. If Maugerite sees you she'll not only give chase but send deadly bugs after you so avoid her at all costs. Take your time, don't panic and you'll find it's doable.

You're essentially looping back around the way you first walked when you first entered the house now. In the room on the way looping back around, you'll see another nest. If you destroy it, there's another spider-covered cabinet near it, plus a box. Inside the box is a herb. Inside the cabinet are two very handy tins of burner fuel.

Continue on, sneaking past Maugerite as necessary to reach the puzzle room. There's not much advice here - just watch her patterns, and if you get spotted the safest place to shake her is to make a run for the save room. Whatever happens I suggest you head there, save, then loop back to the shadow puzzle.

The puzzle is simple again - you've done this one before, even! This is the advantage of watching the tapes. Do it and head through. On the other side, there's:

  • A crow door you can't open
  • A drawer containing a chem pack to the right of the crow door
  • A herb on your immediate right as you enter
  • Some solid fuel likewise
  • The crawlspace Mia ended up in at the end of her tape. Crawl down there - search around and you'll find a Chem Pack, plus at the end, the vital-to-progress CRANK key item.

After getting back out of the crawl space right in front of you there's a place to use the crank. This creates a bridge shortcut back to the start of this house. Do that.

Remember that third jetty we couldn't reach, near where we got the second part for the burner? The crank is our passage there, and to the keys we need. Backtrack, avoiding Maugerite, which seems to be harder now.

Head to that pier and use the crank to raise the bridge. Inside the room the other side there's a shiny chest with the CROW KEY inside. Grab it, and you'll also find some burner fuel for your trouble. On top of the toilet in this room is another antique coin.

With the Crow Key we can progress... but before we do that, hey, how about a grenade launcher? This key will let you get into some more rooms back in the main house. Our next part covers that brief backtracking detour.

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