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Resident Evil 7 walkthrough part 4: shadow puzzles and meeting the molded

Grab loads of items and meet the molded.


Resident Evil 7 Guide: Walkthrough #4 - In search of the final dog head

After your adventures upstairs in part three, you're now hopefully back in the main hall.

With your new Wooden Statuette key item you can now do the main hall's shadow puzzle. You've had a little practice at these in the Mia tape, too. Simply use the wooden statuette you got. It's misleading because the statue looks nothing like the shadow it casts, so look at the shadow rather than the item when rotating.

You'll soon open up a secret passageway. Squeeze yourself into the gap and head through. You made it to a new area of the house. Simultaneously breathe a sigh of relief and feel the dread of what is to come. Get used to this feeling.

In this room (with the deer) there's a lot of optional collectables. Such as:

  • Behind the frame thing that's leaning against the wall, shotgun shells.
  • On the table, psychostimulants (that let you find nearby items for a limited time by marking them on your HUD)
  • A smashable box with handgun ammo
  • A drawer with handgun ammo
  • Chem Fluid inside the fridge
  • A herb camouflaged in a plantpot
  • Handgun ammo at the deer's feet
  • A crow key door you can't open yet

In the next room (with a child's drawing on a whiteboard) there's a few more items:

  • A locked container on the table you can lockpick open (shotgun shells inside)
  • An antique coin in the ashtray atop the table
  • Gunpowder on the tray shelves in the corner of the room (crouch!)
  • Some story items you can investigate

Get your gun out before you go through the next door.


How to kill the Molded

In this room you'll encounter your first enemy. You need to get used to these encounters, but here's our basic advice: Think classic Resident Evil rules. Plant your feet, aim steady, and go for the head or the limbs. Conserve ammo. You might have a lot now thanks to us directing you to pick up everything you've passed, but that won't continue forever. Conservation is key, especially on higher difficulties.

A key thing to understand about the molded is that they aren't exactly the most sturdy of enemies. Well-placed blasts can shoot off their limbs, which reduces their attack power. Remember you can guard with L1, too.

Once the molded is down, continue around here. There's a locked Scorpion door, and then some stairs down and another door. Go through the door first: this is your next save room. Safety! Save. There's some handgun bullets in the dresser here, a locked drawer, plus some clues on how to get the shotgun (though you still can't yet) in a drawer.

resident_evil_7_midnight_demo (2)

Into the basement to get the Scorpion Key

Time to head down those ominous stairs. Be prepared for combat.

As you enter, the door on your right is locked, so head straight on. You'll end up encountering an enemy, and eventually you'll reach a branching path. In one direction is a blue gate. This doesn't necessarily look like a door since there are more obvious doors, but it is one.

Force that blue gate open. In this room you'll find:

  • A map of the area (This is the PROCESSING AREA) pinned to a wall.
  • An antique coin in a tiny hole in the wall next to a wooden palette stacked against the wall (crouch to find it or you'll miss it)
  • Handgun ammo in two smashable boxes - use the knife to save ammo
  • A herb on the bottom set of some shelves near the crates
  • A lock pick in a bowl inside the open chest freezer. These are very handy items
  • Some chem fluid in the cabinet at the far end of the room
  • A photo showing the location of some treasure. This treasure is in the room with the Deer - it's hidden behind part of the fireplace. Backtrack and grab it at your leisure, as it's a Stimulant - it increases your max health.
  • The Scorpion Key, sticking out of some meat

That's this room complete for now. There's a door near the cabinet with the chem fluid too. This is a dead end that needs a Snake Key, but down this path there are also some Psychostimulants and some shotgun shells.

There's plenty more down here, but let's call that a wrap for part four. In the next part we'll use that Scorpion Key to get ourselves a shotgun, which is going to make a world of difference in the upcoming section.

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