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The best Genshin Impact Dori team comps

Undercutting the competition

The best Genshin Impact Dori team comps are fairly open ended thanks to her status as Genshin Impact 3.0's support character. Dori’s unique position as a healer and energy battery means she can easily slot in most team combinations and helps augment your main DPS, whether they're hungry for energy or just need a slight top up.

Dori won't be on the field doing much on her own. It's a good idea to think more carefully than usual about how your characters interact with each other so you can get the most out of her support abilities.

These picks are best on our calculations for the best Dori build, which means we’re using Dori primarily as an energy battery, with healing and Electro support as secondary considerations.

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What is the best Dori team comp?

Since Dori can generate so much energy in a comparatively short period of time, she excels in teams with a main DPS who has low energy requirements. To bump her recharge up even higher, it’s a good idea to include another Electro character. Having two Electro characters in your party activates the High Voltage resonance effect, which has a 100 percent chance of generating an energy particle any time a reaction involving Electro occurs.

At the higher level of recharge her passive talents make possible, and paired with a second Electro character, Dori can fill up Energy gauges for the likes of Diluc, Keqing, and Tighnari, along with those who have slightly higher requirements, including Ganyu, Kazuha, and Yoimiya, in no time.

Of course, the opposite is also true. Having a reliable energy generator such as Dori makes it easier for characters with high energy requirements to use their bursts more often – Raiden Shogun, Ayato, and Shenhe, for example.

For damage, we’re still quite taken with Dendro reactions, so pairing Dori with a Dendro character to take advantage of Quicken and Spread is a solid idea. WIth her healing abilities, it also makes sense to include her in a party setup with a main DPS who tends to take more of a beating than others.

Best Dori team comp for energy recharge

Dori team comps: A menu page showing Tighnari, Fischl, and Shenhe

  • Dori
  • Fischl, Keqing, or Raiden Shogun
  • Tighnari, Hu Tao, Xiao, Ayaka, Eula
  • Shenhe

This is a damage-heavy party that actually has several potential character options. The gist of it is, as mentioned, enabling you to use as many bursts as possible without waiting long for energy to recharge. Fischl is the ideal passive choice for your second Electro character, since her skill generates an impressive amount of energy on its own. It creates even more if you have her sixth constellation unlocked.

If you want to use a more active character, Keqing is a strong choice, since she has such low energy requirements and short cooldown timers. The high number of energy particles floating around means the Raiden Shogun gets a nice boost to her burst damage as well.

Your third slot is for your main DPS, who, in this setup, could feasibly be anyone. We've opted for a mix of the higher energy choices that typically don't generate much energy on their own or who can pull off multiple bursts in quick succession.

Your fourth slot is flexible. You may want a shield character, such as Zhongli or Yun Jin, or a Pyro sub-DPS such as Xiangling. We opted for Shenhe just because the extra elemental damage buff her passive provides makes the rest of the party hit just a bit harder.

Best Dori team for elemental damage

Dori team comps: A menu page showing Collei, Ayato, and Hu Tao

  • Dori
  • Collei
  • Ayato, Kokomi, Mona, or Xingqiu
  • Hu Tao, Diluc, Yanfei, or Yoimiya

Dori’s burst means she can spread Electro in a fairly broad area, and her skill, which fires off bursts of electricity, does the same for small groups. That means, theoretically, that she has some solid potential as an elemental support character who helps set up reactions.

Collei’s burst and skill make it easy to set up additional reactions, and the Sprout effect her passive talent generates means you can deal extra damage even while she’s off the field.

On the Hydro side, we’re opting for characters who can apply the element repeatedly and set up a chain of Electroshock reactions, often called taser teams in Genshin Impact’s meta. If Collei’s burst is active, these characters are also handy for creating Bloom reactions, and Dori’s Electro abilities can then trigger Hyperbloom and generate a shower of homing arrows.

Finally is Pyro for an even more versatile elemental party and to create Vaporize reactions. Each of the recommended characters can apply Pyro easily, and some would benefit greatly from having a dedicated healer like Dori. Hu Tao, for example, has a tendency to set herself on fire, so Dori’s healing comes in handy with her. Yoimiya’s setup means she’s often in the middle of several enemies with no reliable crowd control and often falls easily without a healer.

What is th best Dori F2P team?

Dori team comps: A menu page showing Xiangling, Lisa, and Kaeya

  • Dori
  • Lisa
  • Kaeya
  • Xiangling

Dori’s F2P team centers on keeping Xiangling and, to a lesser extent, Kaeya well supplied with energy. Lisa is useful for supplemental damage, but her slow attacks mean she’s better suited to using her burst and leaving the field. Xiangling’s burst means a constant stream of Overload on its own, but pair it with Kaeya’s burst, and you get several seconds of Melt, with a bit of Superconduct thrown in. It’s a potent setup, no less useful despite not including the flashier characters

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