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This Elden Ring mod makes the game easier for frustrated players

No need to "git gud" with this mod.

Those having a tough go of it with Elden Ring may want to check out this mod from odashikonbu.

Available through Nexus Mods, Easy Mode for Elden Ring makes the game a bit, well, easier for you.

How it does this, is it reduces the damage you take by 50% and you will dole out an extra 25% in damage. You will also get 10x the runes.

Not too shabby. It still sounds like you will still have a decent amount of challenge, so it won't be completely easy - just easier.

For those that want to play the game as intended, and are having a bit of a hard time with it, our guides might just be the ticket.

For starters, here's our beginner's guide to Elden Ring. We also have a guide on the best armor for mages and melee, one on the best weapons for early game and end game, and here's one on the best talismans.

Wanna use a big sword to deal big damage? This guide shows you the best strength build so you can make a powerful colossal weapon character. And if you are into magic, here are some of the best spells. You will need runes and dragon hearts too. Here's some rune farming locations and here's where to farm dragon hearts. Need to summon spirits? Here we show you where to find the Summoning Bell and how to use it to summon spirits.

And finally, if you need help defeating the Fire Giant, Rykard -Lord of Blasphemy and the God-Devouring Serpent, and Maliketh the Black Blade, we have you covered.

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