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Horizon Forbidden West Guide: Help Aloy become a machine master

Conquer the Forbidden West

In Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy is on a mission to save the Earth once again - and the stakes have never been higher. But, without a guide to point you in the right direction, the amount of things to see and do in the dangerous Tenakth tribe lands can be overwhelming.

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Horizon Forbidden West will be familiar to anyone that played the previous game, but a lot of the mechanics and activities have either been refined to give more meaning and reward to your achievements, or expanded to include more strategy and puzzles.

To cover everything, we’ve split this Horizon Forbidden West guide up into three sections: systems, items, and story.

Systems guides will deal with the core mechanics of Horizon Forbidden West, helping you to make sense of what Aloy has available to her and how to use them to your advantage. This is where you will find the best ways to build your character and tricks you need to know.

Next, the items guides will cover the plethora of things you can find throughout the Forbidden West. The collect-a-thon aspect of Horizon has been made more difficult - you can no longer buy maps to easily get markers for everything - but much more rewarding. This is where we'll go over the most powerful gear too.

Finally, we’ll also go over some of the story missions in Horizon Forbidden West. Some of them aren’t as straightforward as others, and no one likes getting stuck on a tricky puzzle when they’re engrossed in a great story.

Horizon Forbidden West Systems Guides

Horizon Forbidden West Item Guides

Horizon Forbidden West Story Guides

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