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Genshin Impact Hydro Tulpa location and Hydro Tulpa tips

Water world

Finding the Genshin Impact Hydro Tulpa location is a bit of a struggle, especially if you’ve been in the general area before. The new World Boss you need to fight for Furina’s materials is tucked away in a cave that I’m nearly positive wasn’t there before, and once you get inside, you’re faced with one of the more difficult World Bosses in the game so far.

Our Hydro Tulpa guide explains where to find the boss and some tips for beating the Hydro Tulpa quickly.

Genshin Impact Hydro Tulpa location

The Hydro Tulpa lives in an underwater cave in the Chemin de L’Espoir, a sea chasm between Elnyas and the Court of Fontaine where you can also collect a bunch of Beryl Conch for your Charlotte materials. Teleport to one of the waypoints there, and swim to the canyon’s western edge, near a challenge marker. The Hydro Tulpa cave entrance is hidden pretty well behind a screen of tall seagrass and hidden pretty well in the rock wall.

The tunnel is pretty nondescript, with nothing of interest to see or do. It spits you out on land near a waypoint marker. Activate that before heading further in, so you can get back here quickly next time.

Genshin Impact Hydro Tulpa tips

The Hydro Tulpa is immune to Hydro damage, as you’d expect from a water creature, so leave Neuvillette at home. Some of its attacks hit pretty hard. Make sure to bring a healer or a good shielder along for the battle. I also recommend adding a Cryo character to your team. The Hydro Tulpa spawns Half Tulpas that have Hydro shields, spit water, and eventually get absorbed into the main Tulpa to power it up. A Cryo attack usually defeats the Half Tulpas with one hit, though Electro and Pyro work as well – just not as effectively.

A possible party setup could be:

The Hydro Tulpa has three main attacks. It swooshes water up if you’re close and throws a giant water javelin if you’re not. Both deal heavy damage, so make sure to keep on the move.

It's easier to attack the Tulpa up close and avoid the water attacks than it is to use ranged attacks and avoid the javelin. Unless you're using a catalyst character or a bow character whose attacks charge quickly, getting up close is your best bet.

It also summons giant blasts of water in broad areas, though you can see the effect area and flee in enough time before they strike. Keep an eye on the field so you’re not caught unaware. If you can find a safe spot between the AoE areas, this moment where the Hydro Tulpa charges its attack is a good time to unleash your burst. It frequently moves around during normal battle otherwise, and it's tough to time your bursts well so they actually affect it.

Sweep up the Half Tulpas when they take the field. Leaving them just gives you another damage source to evade, and the main Tulpa might absorb them for a powerful attack if you leave them for too long.

Your reward for all this is Water that Failed to Transcend, an ascension material for Furina and, as of the version 4.2 update, only Furina.

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