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Genshin Impact Beryl Conch locations and Beryl Conch farming tips


Finding Genshin Impact Beryl Conch locations takes you into Fontaine’s depths and through one of its more playful World Quests. You'll need Beryl Conch for one of your Charlotte materials to level her up, and there's so many of the little wonders lying about that you can get her close to 90 in just one or two farming trips.

Set aside some time to travel each route once before you get started in earnest, though. Establishing your farming routes takes some prep work.

Genshin Impact Beryl Conch

Beryl Conch locations – Chemin de L’Espoir

The Chemin de L’Espoir area is west of the Court of Fontaine and north of the claw-like stony outcrops. It also takes a bit of work before you gain full access. Dive down, and use the sea creature to activate the hidden water tiles. Grab the first Conches, and dive down to the bottom. Scoop up the outliers to your south, near the teleport waypoint, and then enter the archway.

The first time you do this, you trigger the Ann of the Narzissenkreuz World Quest, which is a fairly contained, but lengthy quest that you need to complete at least the first two objectives for. Finishing them removes the water from the underground cavern, so you can explore freely.

The Beryl Conch here aren’t hidden, so just grab the ones along the passageway into the cavern, and pick up the few near the citadel. There are

Beryl Conch locations – Blubberbeast Observatory

It’s worth going here even if you don’t need Beryl Conch. Travel to the northern teleport waypoint on the southwestern coast the first time, and dive in. Activate the waypoint underwater, and grab the nearby conches. Swim west until you reach the lone building nestled against the rocks, and grab all the Beryl Conch shells around it. There are quite a few, including some behind the sea grass.

Head inside when you’re finished. A cutscene plays the first time, where you and Paimon find a young Blubberbeast who needs your help. Make sure to feed and interact with them every time you return for the few Beryl Conch in their enclosure.

Beryl Conch locations – Great Lake of Fontaine

The lake around the Court of Fontaine is home to several Beryl Conch as well. You can get most of them just by examining the rock walls and lake bed around the Pale Forgotten Glory Domain, with a few exceptions.

These Beryl Conch show up on the interactive map and mini-map as if they’re on the same layer as everything else, but they’re only accessible in the underwater tunnel you can access from the tunnel near the waypoint to the west of the leftmost circle in the above image.

The underwater courtyard houses several Beryl Conch, and while you can enter the next chamber by using the manta ray to clear the sea grass away. You’ll have to complete Aqueous Tidemarks quest, which you can pick up in the Court of Fontaine itself, to get the key that unlocks the rest of the passage.

The remaining Beryl Conch are near the Opera Epiclese and further north, west of Marcott Station. Grabbing these is a straightforward process as well.

Genshin Impact Beryl Conch farming tips

Overwhelming as it might seem to grab all the Beryl Conch in the Court of Fontaine, it’s actually pretty straightforward.

Start with the waypoint near the Chemin, and grab the Conch lining the walls and ground as you swim to the depths. Teleport to the waypoint outside the Citadel next, and grab the Conch there and further inside the cavern.

Teleport to the waypoint near the observation building. Grab the Conch scattered nearby, then head to the building itself. Don't forget to go inside and grab the two in the Blubberbeast's tank. Travel back to the waypoint and swim east to collect those nearby Conch.

Fast travel to the Domain, and use it as your starting point. Swim west and north to collect the next batch of Beryl Conch.

Travel to the waypoint just south of Fontaine, and dive into the courtyard below. There are several Beryl Conch in this area, including some on the wall and one tricky one on the underside of a broken stone pillar. Head into the old lab to collect the remaining shells.

Use the eastern waypoint near the Opera to get the next Beryl Conch, and then swim north for the final bunch. There's no easy access point for the far northern cluster underwater, but if you want to save time, you could start from Marcotte Station, glide west, and then dive down.

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