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Tour the new Fortnite Season 5 map: from Lazy Links to Paradise Palms, Rifts, Viking Village and beyond

Fortnite's map has had a significant overhaul with the release of Season 5 so let's take a closer look.

The big changes to the map are obvious for Fortnite Season 5, but worth looking at in detail as even the smaller tweaks are likely to change the way you play the game.

Paradise Palms

First up, Moisty Mire is no more. The swamp has been replaced with the opposite: a desert that takes up a massive chunk of the south east part of the map. There are hills and mountains here, as well as a stream that runs through it. You'll also notice it's bigger than Moisty Mire was. The racetrack here has had a bit of an upgrade too, so you can put the new All Terrain Kart to good use.

It's here you'll see the unnamed prison has disappeared and been replaced with Paradise Palms, an entirely new location.

You'll also find a bunch of cool new props around the map - our favourite so far is the giant dinosaurs in the desert. Some of these are interactive, known as toys, so you can now play basketball, throw a beach ball around and even have a few rounds of golf if you're a Battle Pass owner. Golf? Ah yes, because there's this new location...

Lazy Links

Lazy Links is the new golf course area on the Fortnite map, and it replaces Anarchy Acres, the old farmstead which wasn't that different from Fatal Fields.

Elsewhere, Dusty Divot is now covered in trees where it used to be a crater. And on top of the mountain near Snobby Shores you'll find an unnamed viking village with great hall, longship and a dusting of snow.

You can see the new Fortnite map below and compare it to the last iteration of the map to see how much it's changed.

What do Rifts do?

At certain places on the Fortnite map you'll find Rifts. If you're brave enough, step through one and see what happens. Basically it teleports you back up into the sky. Be careful, your glider won't automatically redeploy so try not to plummet to your death. These are handy if you're in a pickle, a part of the map that's already been heavily looted or if you just want to take a wild chance. Oh, and if you're in the new All Terrain Kart it'll teleport that into the sky too.

Here's one in action:

ATK through Rift from r/FortNiteBR

Fortnite Season 5 map

Fortnite Season 4 map

If you want to see the changes in action, check out this video from ya boi Simon Miller as he unleashes hell on the new map.

Watch on YouTube

So, the inevitable question: where we dropping now boys?

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