Third Person Shooter

The Division Weekly Vendor reset: Classic M1A and First Wave X-45

The weekly Vendor Reset for The Division is live, and as usual, the focus of this post is on Gear Score 204 and above blueprints and items.

Third Person Shooter headlines

  • Road to Retribution Tournament giving away $25k in Sony prizes

    Global Gaming and SCEA are hosting a Road to Retribution Tournament, offering $25,000 in Sony prizes into the bargain. Players will be going up against one another via the PSP third-person shooter in 2v2 and 4v4 ladders. The contest runs from now through May 10, and the top players will go into their respective brackets […]

  • Damnation shots have guns, acrobatics

    Blue Omega has released a few new shots of upcoming steampunk-inspired shooter, Damnation. Images show some guns, people hanging from things, and a dark, dreary environment. Codematers says it’ll be out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime this spring. After the break.

  • More Lost Planet 2 details tomorrow

    According to this PS3Center report, Capcom’s to press release Lost Planet 2 tomorrow, releasing more details on the now-announced action sequel. It’s likely we’re going to find out which platforms are to be supported, so keep your fingers crossed until then, PS3 users. More through the link.

  • PlayStation Official Magazine UK gives Resident Evil 5 an 8/10

    The British OPM has given Resident Evil 5 8/10. The review says it’s a lot like Resident Evil 4, the AI for partner Sheva is good, the game is all about “panicked crisis management” and the usual picking and choosing your inventory items wisely. Game’s out in March. More here.

  • Namco bringing Dead to Rights back to life in Q4

    Namco will be breathing new life into the Dead to Rights franchise later this year, according to the March issue of OPM. Neither release date or platforms have been confirmed as yet, but come Q4 you’ll once again be entering Grant City with a faithful dog companion. Game mechanics are to stick with third-person shooting, […]