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The Witcher 3: Deserter Gold walkthrough

If you're hoping to get your hands on a new sword, try this Treasure Hunt.

Deserter Gold is a short but profitable treasure hunt in White Orchard, the Prologue area of The Witcher 3. Fortunately, it's merely a matter of collecting the quest and going where it directs you. Once you're there, the loot is all yours, and there's plenty of it.

If you need some help figuring out where to go, or how to open that other mysterious chest, here's our guide on how to complete the Deserter Gold Treasure Hunt in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3: Deserter Gold walkthrough

You can kick off the Deserter Gold Treasure Hunt by visiting a deserted camp on the hill to the east of the Mill signpost in The Witcher 3.

Search the loot caches here to turn up Spy's Notes. You can then use this item in your inventory to trigger the quest, popping a search area on your map. Enter the little house by the mill, then use Aard to move the beams and brittle door on your way to the basement cache.

The chest connected to this quest is right next to the locked chest opened during Temerian Valuables, so you might have collected the Deserter Gold loot already - in which case, this quest does not trigger when you read the notes.

Don't worry about it, though, as there's no prize for ticking off every quest. You've got what you came for now, and that should be some coins, blades, a recipe for the Basilisk decoction, and a diagram for the Dorian sword.

If you're clearing up secondary quests or fancy getting back to business, here's our The Witcher 3: White Orchard secondary quest guide, and our The Witcher 3 guide and walkthrough to help you out.

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