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Zenless Zone Zero lead would like to see Switch and Xbox ports in the future

But the team's focus is on polishing the PC, mobile, and PS5 versions for now.

A character from Zenless Zone Zero alongside Xbox and Nintendo Switch logos.
Image credit: Hoyoverse/Xbox/Nintendo

Zhenyu Li, producer of the upcoming urban fantasy gacha RPG Zenless Zone Zero, has said he would eventually like to see his game released on "all platforms". The game is due to launch on July 4 for PC, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices.

Zenless Zone Zero's devs have been coyly hinting at the possibility of a Switch port for a while, and indeed it's not the first HoYoverse game to generate rumours of further console releases down the line. Genshin Impact has been vaguely anticipated for other platforms ever since its massively successful launch on PC, mobile, and PS4 in 2020; the PlayStation 5 version arrived in 2021 after a comparatively short wait, but there's been very little word on the Switch port since the announcement that it'll be coming at some point.

As with both Genshin and Honkai: Star Rail, nothing as firm as a release window for any further upcoming platforms Zenless Zone Zero might hit has materialised yet, with each new HoYo launch seemingly targeting mobile, PC, and PlayStation in roughly that order. And while the company's ongoing relationship with PlayStation has been clear for a long time - Genshin Impact even enjoyed an official crossover with Horizon Zero Dawn at one point - it's been far less apparent whether other consoles will ever really see a HoYoverse release.

However, in an interview with VG247, Li was enthusiastic about the possibility of someday seeing his game on all available platforms, after being asked about the hints towards an announcement for the Switch.

When asked whether his ambition expanded to a potential Xbox port too - a dream that was quickly quashed for Genshin fans back in the day - Li simply repeated these words: "all platforms".

He was careful to point out, however, that his personal hope to see the game made available everywhere doesn't mean that further console ports are officially in the works, with the team's current priority being very much focused on ensuring that Zenless Zone Zero has a good launch when it comes to PC, mobile, and PS5 at the beginning of next month. The game's social media accounts recently celebrated its reaching 40 million pre-registrations - about four times the number enjoyed by Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail before their respective launches - so there's plenty of folks the devs know are already queueing up to see what the game has to offer.

Elsewhere in HoYoverse porting news - or rather lack thereof - there's still been no further word on the apparently-still-upcoming PlayStation 4 release of Honkai: Star Rail, which made its way onto PS5 last October after launching on PC and mobile earlier in the year.

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