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Zenless Zone Zero release date announced out of nowhere - coming to all platforms July 4

Finally a concrete date for PC, mobile, and PS5 players.

Zenless Zone Zero release date announcement image
Image credit: HoYoVerse

Zenless Zone Zero finally has a confirmed release date after many months of speculation and a few leaks and there. The game will be releasing on all platforms - PC, mobile, and PS5 - on July 4 worldwide.

This massive drop was simply posted on social media, rather than the typical flare expected from HoYoVerse - a company known for throwing out trailers for Zenless Zone Zero quite often over the past few months. In the public statement, the company states the following.

"Thank you for your ongoing interest in and support of Zenless Zone Zero. Zenless Zone Zero officially releases on all platforms on July 4. We look forward to meeting you on Sixth Street when entry to New Eridu is granted." Alongside this announcement comes a fun little competition, in which a select few can win PS5's, mechanical keyboards, and character stands before June 3.

This firmly places a deadline for those who still haven't pre-registered for Zenless Zone Zero to do so at their convenience. The current count of pre-registered players stands at just over 35 million, which has secured them in-game currency, materials, and a free character. If the game can score another five million (easy, I know), the community will lock in the final milestone.

Funnily enough, this isn't the first time an early July date has been circulating. A few months back, July 3 was listed on the Google store, and it was only last week when Reddit users posted a mysterious July 4 PS5 listing which wasn't viewable on NA nor EU store pages. We couldn't confirm that latter one at the time so didn't write it up, but with this official reveal and the context of timezone shenanigans, it's safe to say last week's leak was legit.

This may explain the sudden release date drop too. The Zenless Zone Zero team has been willing to come forward and present information in the wake of accidental (or even malicious) leaks. It's a smart move in my opinion - it's best to confront and own anything that's out on the internet rather than let speculation fester.

Either way, it's a good reason to mark your calander and perhaps book some days off work. Let me know how you feel about this below!

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