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How to get a shovel in LEGO Fortnite

If you want soil, you’ll need to do some digging for it.

The player digs soil using the shovel while near some chickens in LEGO Fortnite
Image credit: Epic Games/VG247

LEGO Fortnite is the latest game mode to take Epic Games’ battle royale by storm. As a survival-crafting game, you’ll find it bears plenty of similarities to Minecraft as you attempt to forge your own town and convince folk to move in.

As such, you’ll need plenty of tools to help you get started, and one tool that can come in use for players with green thumbs is the shovel. You’ll need the shovel if you want to grow any of your own crops, so without further ado, here’s how to get the shovel in Fortnite.

How to get a shovel in LEGO Fortnite

To get a shovel in LEGO Fortnite, there are a few steps you’ll need to complete. First, you’ll need to have advanced enough with the game that you have the recipe for the Lumber Mill unlocked.

The player makes Planks using wood at a Lumber Mill in LEGO Fortnite
To get a shovel, you'll need some Planks and Rods from a Lumber Mill. | Image credit: Epic Games/VG247

Once it is unlocked, open your Build menu using ‘Q’ on PC and select the Lumber Mill from the Utility tab. You can then place and build the mill, which you’ll then be able to deposit wood into in exchange for Planks or Wooden Rods.

The player looks at the shovel recipe at a Crafting Bench in LEGO Fortnite
All you need per shovel is three Wooden Rods and one Plank. | Image credit: Epic Games/VG247

Now, to craft a shovel, you’ll need three Wooden Rods and one Plank. Get those crafted at the Lumber Mill and then make your way to the Crafting Bench when you’re ready. With those materials in hand, you’ll be able to craft a shovel with the click of a button here.

It’s as simple as that. Now, if you want some soil, you just need to go ahead and dig anywhere you want.

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