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Best Kazuha team comps in Genshin Impact

Kazuha lets almost any team sweep the field with powerful elemental reactions

Getting the right Kazuha team comps are probably not as important as they are for other characters in Genshin Impact. Kazuha is one of the game’s best characters and works seamlessly with almost anyone else. There are some popular meta choices if you only want to destroy everything in sight, though.

What is the best Kazuha team comp?

A freeze team with Kazuha as support alongside Childe, Kaeya, and Shenhe

The best Kazuha team comps typically use Kazuha just as a support character, using his skill to group enemies together, apply elements, and generate energy. Kazuha as support means you can run freeze and vaporize teams with ease or even experiment with less common teams, such as electro-charge.

For freeze teams, we recommend:

  • Main Cryo: Ganyu, Kaeya
  • Hydro: Childe, Ayato, Mona, Xingqiu
  • Secondary Cryo: Diona, Shenhe, Ayaka

Assuming you have a four-piece Viridescent Venerer set on Kazuha, his role here is triggering Swirl with Hydro or Cryo to reduce enemy resistance to either element before you start freezing. Use his skill to pull enemies in and generate energy as well, and try to boost his elemental mastery.

The goal here is creating a continuous stream of Cryo with Ganyu’s skill or burst, or Kaeya’s burst, and then swapping to your Hydro character to freeze them. If you have Xingqiu or Yelan, you can also do that in reverse with a constant supply of Hydro.

The secondary Cryo character is mainly there to boost the damage dealt to frozen enemies with the Shattering Ice elemental resonance effect. Shenhe is ideal, since her skill boosts the party’s elemental damage, though Diona’s healing effects are useful too.

The Vaporize version of this would include the same Hydro characters and swap Cryo for:

Xiangling and Bennet are the best choices thanks to their bursts, which creates a constant source of Pyro, but if you have a steady source of Hydro – with Mona’s skill, for example – you could use Yanfei or even Klee to apply Pyro on the Hydro-afflicted enemies.

What is the best Kazuha F2P team?

A F2P team for Kazuha with Xiangling, Kaeya, and Lisa

If you want to go completely free, Kazuha takes a more active role, one that admittedly suits his skills more effectively anyway.

On a F2P team – or any team where you want Kazuha on the field more often – Kazuha’s role is triggering Swirl with his skill and burst and then remaining on the field to deal normal and plunging damage.

Kazuha’s passive talents give him a significant plunging attack boost if his skill interacts with another element, so you can deal quite a bit of damage just by applying elements to a group of enemies, swapping to Kazuha, pulling them in with his skill, and then using his plunge attack.

  • Main DPS: Kazuha
  • Sub DPS: Xiangling
  • Support: Barbara
  • Sub DPS: Kaeya

If you don’t need support, swap Lisa in for Barbara. Each of these has a skill or burst that leaves their element lingering on the field, giving Kazuha ample opportunity to cause Swirl.

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