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Fortnite Remote Explosives back online, Slurp Juice still disabled

The release of Fortnite's v5.10 patch wasn't without a few issues.

The patch enabled a bunch of in-game quests to celebrate Fortnite's first birthday. It quickly became apparent that the game's Birthday Challenges are broken.

Some players had to wait for the midnight GMT reset. Sometime after the patch's release, Epic disabled Remote Explosives followed by the Slurp Juice.

In the Remote Explosives' case, the item had some bugs with its damage radius, and would sometimes not damage buildings if they had damaged a player prior. Those issues were enough to get them pulled, but Epic Games re-enabled them earlier.

Slurp Juice, on the other hand, has yet to return online. Patch v5.10 did bring a few buffs to the item, allowing it to grant shields when used on full health. It's not clear if the buff had caused a bug, but the Slurp Juice remains unavailable at the time of writing.

Until a fix is released, they'll probably stay offline for a bit.

Although it's great that Epic is very reactive to the discovery of bugs and glitches, players are disappointed that this has been a common occurrence.

Shopping Carts have been disabled and re-enabled half a dozen times since launch, and it's not surprising to see one item or another getting taken offline every other week.

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