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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to get mushrooms

I mean the edible kind, not the ones blocking your path in the Glade of Trust…

Disney Dreamlight Valley lets you build a new life while rubbing shoulders with fan-favourite Disney characters from all the best nostalgic movies, with tons of exciting activities to complete alongside them. Aside from the farming, mining, and general foraging you’d expect from any game like this, you also get to form friendships with each character.

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These friendships have more of an impact than you’d think, often unlocking new quests for you to embark on, some of which may unlock new features for you. On that note, there’ll come a point in which Merlin needs some funghi.

Without further ado, here’s here’s how to get more mushrooms in Dreamlight Valley.

How to get Mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are two ways you can go about foraging shrooms, and one of them isn’t unlocked until a little later into the game.

Forage for mushrooms in the Glade of Trust

The best way to get Mushrooms in Dreamlight Valley is to forage for them in the Glade of Trust, and it’s probably one of the first areas you’ll unlock using dreamlight. It’s home to all kinds of necessary resources, such as iron, clay, and hardwood.

The area is also home to mushrooms. The funghi will spawn here every so often for you to simply pick it up!

A player looks at a mushroom in the Glade of Trust area in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Water mystical mushrooms

Near Merlin’s house in Peaceful Meadow and throughout the Glade of Trust, there are also a lot of mystical mushrooms. Many of these will, in fact, be blocking you off from half of the area.

After having completed Merlin’s level 8 quests, he’ll upgrade your watering can so that you can then water small and large mystical mushrooms, causing them to disappear. Not only does this clean up the area and unblock some paths for you, but each watered mystical mushroom will drop a standard mushroom for you to pick up!

A player waters a mushroom in the Glade of Trust area in Disney Dreamlight Valley

That’s it for mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For more on the game, check out the favourite foods of each Critter, and how to get yourself some emeralds, which are also needed for Merlin’s quests.

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