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AnyWordle is the game for people who mastered Wordle

Choose a Wordle, Any Wordle.

If you’re a seasoned Wordle veteran, with a vast arsenal of different starter words and a win streak that stretches far past your peers, it may be time to mix things up a bit. Think outside the box, and really put your brain to the test.

Enter AnyWordle - a new twist on the original Wordle formula that randomly changes the word size every day forcing you to take on words six, seven, eight letters long and longer! That is of course balanced out by the occasional day where the words shrink below the typical five - an occasional karmic treat for those who’ve bashed their heads against some of the genre’s more opaque answers.

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Created by Who Are Ya?, it’s hard to stress how much this one simple change can totally mix up your usual Wordle crutches. No longer able to start off the day with adios or chest as your starter words encourage you to take a moment and think about the game in a way we’re willing to bet some of you out there haven’t had to do in some time.

AnyWordle doesn’t sound that appealing to you? Well there’s a selection of other browser games from Who Are Ya? available to try out on the side - all of which require you to guess a certain sports person or celebrity from a blurred out picture. All good time vampires if you want to flex your knowledge of a particular field among friends or family.

Let us know if you’re keen to try out AnyWordle below, and whether you think changing the word size on a daily basis is enough to tear you from your daily Wordle check in, in the comments below?

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