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This Wordle clone on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch is almost as good as the real thing

Want to get down with some wordplay on your console? This Wordle-inspired game might be just the ticket.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that Wordle has proliferated over these past few weeks and months to become one of the biggest games of recent years – breaking through into the mainstream in a way that, say, Elden Ring never could.

We've already run down why Wordle is the perfect game for wordplay enthusiasts at large, and given you a wealth of Wordle alternatives to try if the minimalist approach to verbosity whet your appetite for more.

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But what if you wanted to play the game on your home console? Give it a go on your Xbox to show your family, or boot it up on the Switch on your commute? There's no official console support for the now New York Times-owned game... but there is an alternative.

Wordbreaker by POWGI is the closest thing you’re going to get to having Wordle on your console of choice for the foreseeable future (unless the NYT teams up with Epic Games or gets bought by Sony or something... stranger things have happened!)

The developer behind the title, UK studio Lightwood Games, has made a series of the 'by POWGI' titles – Flowers by POWGI, Alphset by POWGI, and Just a Phrase by POWGI, for example. The through-line that connects the games is some top-tier dad joke reward fodder when you get a puzzle right. So you can look forward to that.

If you've so much as taken a glance at Wordle, you'll know how Wordbreaker works – you need to figure out the final five-letter word by eliminating other letters and re-arranging correct letters into the right place as you move down the grid.

It's simple, and if you're the sort of person that loves to harvest Gamerscore and Plaitnum Trophies, you'll be pleased to know that it seems pretty simple to get the full set of rewards.

Check out the game on the Xbox Store (playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S), PlayStation Store (for PS4 and PS5) and will be available on Nintendo Switch on March 17. It'll set you back about $7.99 (that's £6.49).

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