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Where to get Shell from Rollers in LEGO Fortnite

A tough shell can be used for a variety of things in LEGO Fortnite!

Power Chord fighting a Roller and taking its shell in LEGO Fortnite
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Shell is an interesting resource in LEGO Fortnite, being used in items like the health charm and other defensive equipment as well as construction.

It’s also used for upgrading your crafting bench, which is obviously very important. But it can also be very tough to find, however, if you don’t know where to look.

While it might look like a seashell or other benign object, it’s actually dropped by one of LEGO Fortnite’s most surprising and aggressive monsters: Rollers.

Where to find Shell and Rollers in LEGO Fortnite

Rollers are found hiding in the ground in Grassland areas of LEGO Fortnite.

You can see the tiny plants that grow on their back sticking out of the ground. Then, when you walk past them, they burst out of the ground and shoot rocks at you or roll at you.

Attack them with a sword or pickaxe like you would any other enemy and once they’re defeated you can claim some Shell from the ground.

You can then return to your village and use the Shell in crafting.

The inventory menu in LEGO Fortnite showing Shell
Image credit: Fortnite/VG247

If you’re feeling brave though, there is a more reliable place to find Rollers: inside caves.

Around the periphery of your starting spawn, there’s likely a cave system nearby. Approach and press “Square” or “X” to enter. Inside you find not just loot, but lots and lots of enemies. Among the armies of skeletons, deadly scorpions and horrible spiders, you should also encounter Rollers. When you defeat them, they will drop Shell.

If you’re going into a cave, I would suggest making at least two swords, partying up with your friends, or asking a villager to accompany you - I explore with Burger Boss and he rules.

Once you’ve actually got your hands on some shell and used it to fuel your crafting recipes, it’s time to turn your attention to new tasks. Check out our pages on LEGO Fortnite seeds and how to upgrade your village for more.

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