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Genshin Impact Starconch locations and Starconch farming tips

No one sells seashells by the sea shore, so you're on your own.

Finding the Genshin Impact Starconch locations takes you on a leisurely stroll around Liyue's coast to gather nearly 100 of these ascension materials, assuming you don't get squashed by the Cicin Mages dancing around the water's edge.

Starconch is a local speciality in Liyue, and while that phrase might strike fear into the hearts of anyone who’s searched for Violetgrass, Starconch is much easier to collect.

There’s just not that much of it compared to how many you need for ascending some of Genshin’s characters, so if you're working with Yelan, Childe, or Gaming, make sure to plan ahead.

Our Genshin Impact Starconch guide points out where to find Starconch and offers some Starconch farming tips for easy gathering.

Genshin Impact Starconch

What is Starconch used for in Genshin Impact?

Starconch is a character Ascension material, but until the Genshin Impact version 2.7 update, Childe (Tartaglia) was the only character who actually used it. Yelan, another Hydro bow user, also needs Starconch. If you have Childe and want Yelan, it’s worth pausing to consider which character you’ll get the most out of. There are far fewer Starconch than Cor Lapis or Qingxin, which means leveling both characters to 90, or even 70, will take quite a lot of grinding.

Genshin Impact Starconch locations - Where to find Starconch

Starconch lie in wait on the beaches of Liyue, but the abandoned mollusk houses won’t wash up on every shore. There aren’t any other important materials to gather from the wild on any of these routes, but there are some enemies you can harvest materials from. You can pick up some Insignias from treasure hoarders on the beach near Guili, along with masks and arrowheads from Hilichurls. There’s also a Cicin Mage that wanders along Yaoguang Shoal if you need an extra Mist Wick.

Yaoguang Shoal Starconch locations

The stragglers near Dragonspine are slightly more annoying to get since it requires either climbing or a fair bit of gliding to grab them.

A map showing all Starconch locations in Liyue's Yaoguang Shoal area.

Guili Plains Starconch locations

A map showing all Starconch locations near Liyue's Guili Plains area

If you have Ayaka or Mona in your party, it’s much easier to grab some of the outlying shells thanks to their unique sprints.

Guyun Stone Forest Starconch locations

A map showing all Starconch locations in Liyue's Guyun Stone Forest area

Genshin Impact Starconch farming tips

Starconch locations are conveniently placed near teleport waypoints, so you can swoop in and gather up what you need with relative ease. As always with material farming, your best bet is starting from a nearby teleport point or Domain and then working your way out from there.

When does Starconch reset?

Like all local specialties, Starconch resets after real-world days. There are 77 Starconch to find each time. You’ll need 168 in total if you want to level Childe or Yelan to 90, so if you don’t already have some Starconch tucked away, plan on the process taking a little while.

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