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Genshin Impact all Scarab locations and Scarab farming tips

Finding Scarabs means solving the riddles of the desert and heading underground

It took some time, but we finally tracked down all the Genshin Impact Scarab locations, including the critters lurking under the sands, locked behind the Golden Slumber world quest.

If you take a glance at the Teyvat interactive map, Scarab locations might seem simple to track down on the surface – but most of these new Genshin Impact 3.1 materials aren’t on the surface.

Like with the Sumeru rainforest before it, the entirety of the Great Red Sand underground isn’t accessible right away. That means if you plan on taking your Cyno build to the max by leveling the Electro DPS up to 90, the Scarab gathering process will take a little while longer than you might be used to, at least initially.

If you're fine with gathering half the available beetles at first, you can just skim them off the sands until you catch up with quests. If not, head to Aaru Village and start the quest chain once you finish the first two acts in Sumeru's Archon quest. After you complete the Golden Slumber quests, farming should become much more streamlined, especially since there are a handful of underground waypoints that make quick access to nearby Scarabs easier.

All Genshin Impact Scarab locations

There are 76 Scarabs scattered across the desert, tucked away under cliffs, rolling their odiferous cargo around the tops of sunken temples, and taking a breather underground.

Aaru Village Scarab locations

Genshin Impact Scarab locations: A map image showing Aaru Village scarab locations
Aaru Village Scarab locations

The beetles north of the village are near the two waypoints. The map images give the impression that you have to climb the cliffs, but it’s not necessary.

Eye of the Sands Scarab locations

Genshin Impact Scarab locations: A map image showing Eye of the Sands scarab locations
Eye of the Sands Scarab locations

You may need to deal with the sentinels before you can grab these

Dune of Carouses Scarab locations

Genshin Impact Scarab locations: A map image showing Dune of Carouses scarab locations

Only the handful near the Domain and the cluster immediately north of the mausoleum are aboveground.

Dune of Elusion Scarab locations

Genshin Impact Scarab locations: A map image showing Dune of Elusion scarab locations

Most of the Scarabs in the northern half of this location are underground

Sobek Oasis Scarab locations

Sobek Oasis is a broad term for these, since their rolling grounds stretch east to the area south of Aaru Village as well.

Genshin Impact Scarab locations: A map image showing Sobek Oasis scarab locations

Valley of Dahri Scarab locations

There aren't too many in the valley, and you won't have to dig around in the valley itself to find them.

Genshin Impact Scarab locations: A map image showing Dahri Valley scarab locations

Other Scarab locations

Speak to Nawaz in Aaru village to get four Scarabs. Nawaz is on the northern edge of the village, above the waterfall where you can also find a Dendroculus.

What are Scarabs for in Genshin Impact?

Unlike other Ascension materials, Scarabs only have one use: leveling up Cyno. No other recipe, crafting or otherwise, uses Scarabs yet.

Candace needs Redcrest fruits for her ascensions, so no other characters use Scarabs either, though that may change as the Sumeru updates keep coming.

Genshin Impact Scarab farming tips

Scarabs are a Sumeru local specialty, which means it takes two real-world days for them to respawn. With only 76 available, it’ll take at least three farm trips to gather enough for Cyno to hit level 90. If you have Tighnari in your party, consider taking him along. One of his passive talents marks Sumeru specialties on the mini-map, making it easier to pinpoint locations if you're having trouble.

You can only obtain the underground Scarabs after completing the Golden Slumber questline. This is another multipart quest chain, and you won’t end up with access to the Scarabs around the mausoleum until later in the quests.

Bear in mind the Scarabs move around a bit, so the exact locations may change slightly from the ones shown on the images here.

Genshin Impact Scarab locations: A map showing scarab farm routes near Aaru Village

For the Aaru Village set, start from the Statue of the Seven and venture back to the road for the first Scarab. Then travel to the northwest waypoint and head northeast to collect the remaining Scarabs.

Genshin Impact Scarab locations: A map showing scarab farm routes near Eye of the Sands

The Eye of the Sands Scarabs are fairly straightforward. Teleport to the waypoint, then head west past the gateway and the Primal Construct enemies. Make your way towards the road as you head southwest.

Genshin Impact Scarab locations: A map showing scarab farm routes near Dune of Carouses

The Dune of Carouses Scarabs are more complicated. The cluster in the dune pyramid itself is underground, though you can't access the interior straight away. Most of the Scarabs in the desert between the Domain and the mausoleum are also underground, except the small cluster of three immediately north of the mausoleum.

Once you have access to the underground, use the northeastern waypoint to quickly get inside the pyramid. The waypoint in the center of the desert gives you easy access to the remaining Scarabs.

For the northwestern cluster, unlock the Garden of Endless Pillars Domain, then travel there and gather the Scarabs.

Genshin Impact Scarab locations: A map showing scarab farm routes near Dune of Elusion

The Scarabs around the Dune of Elusion and Dune of Magma take the longest to grab. Start from the waypoint outside the boss arena and grab the nearby Scarab, then head east to collect the remaining four. Teleport to the Dune of Magma, go southeast to get the first Scarab, then move west towards the other small ruin and north to the final one.

The remaining Scarabs are underground.

Genshin Impact Scarab locations: A map showing scarab farm routes near Sobek Oasis

Travel to the Sobek Oasis waypoint on the road to the Dune of Elusion and scoop up the Scarabs there. Then head to the central waypoint. Grab the Scarabs along the walkway over the valley, teleport back to the same waypoint, and go northeast to collect the rest.

I haven't found the two in Dar al-Shifa yet, though they may be underground as well.

Genshin Impact Scarab locations: A map showing scarab farm routes near Valley of Dahri

You'll hop around a lot in The Valley of Dahri. Start from the Statue of the Seven and grab the Scarabs around it, then drop down the ledge to the southeast to collect the two Scarabs there.

Travel to the central waypoint and get the Scarab northwest of it, and then travel to the southwestern waypoint to find the remaining ones. The Scarab nearest the waypoint is on a rise. Use the Four-Leaf Sigil to make obtaining it easier.

The two underground segments might be a pain to reach, but actually harvesting the Scarabs is fairly straightforward thanks to some strategically placed teleport waypoints.

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