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Genshin Impact all Redcrest locations and Redcrest farming routes

Every cactus has its fruit (not really, but most do)

Incorporating the Genshin Impact Redcrest locations into your normal collecting routine is much easier than some other materials you need to stockpile in this anime-RPG.

Redcrest is a new material introduced in Genshin Impact 3.1, and lines the main thoroughfares of Sumeru’s deserts and, unlike the Scarab beetles, Redcrest grows above ground only.

You need Redcrest for your Candace builds, to raise the Hydro support character’s level.

With fewer than 100 of the fruits around, though, you can expect to need almost three full farming routes to get the 168 local specialties you need to reach level 90.

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Genshin Impact Redcrest locations

Redcrest only grows in Sumeru’s desert, the Great Red Sand, where you’ll find it popping up on cactus plants. Not every plant sprouts a Redcrest, and there are only 79 scattered across the vast, arid expanse. Most are clustered in the east, around Aaru village, but some also line the road near the Dune of Elusion and south of the Eye of the Sands.

Aaru Village Redcrest locations

Aaru Village Redcrest locations

Dune of Carouses Redcrest locations

Dune of Carouses Redcrest locations

Dune of Elusion Redcrest locations

Dune of Elusion Redcrest locations

Sobek Oasis Redcrest locations

Sobek Oasis Redcrest locations

Dune of Magma Redcrest locations

Dune of Magma Redcrest locations

What is Redcrest for in Genshin Impact?

As of the version 3.1 update, only Candace uses Redcrest as an Ascension material. No recipes require Redcrest either. That may change as the Sumeru updates continue rolling out in the coming months, but for now, if you don’t have Candace or don’t plan on building her, you’re free to ignore these luscious desert gems.

Genshin Impact Redcrest farming tips

Farming Redcrest is a straightforward affair, since most of them are near the desert roads. As with all local specialty items, you need to wait two real-world days before Redcrest will respawn. There's no option to grow these in your Serenitea Pot yet, though that may change when HoYoverse adds a Sumeru-themed layout style.

Start at the teleport marker above Aaru Village, then head to the Statue of the Seven and collect the Redcrest there. You can walk to the southern waypoint or just teleport there. Then head southeast from it to grab the next set of Redcrest.

The next stretch involves a lot of teleporting, but the actual routes aren't that involved.

The same is true of the Dune of Elusion.

And the Dune of Magma, though you need to cover a lot of ground to find all the Redcrest here.

Finally is the Dune of Carouses. Head to the Garden of Endless Pillars Domain and gather up the Redcrest around it. Make sure to solve the puzzle first, or you can't access the fruits. Then you can either start from the northeastern waypoint or travel south from the Eye of the Sands, gathering Scarabs along the way.

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