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The best Genshin Impact Faruzan teams for Anemo damage and Swirl

Winds of change, winds of destruction

The best Genshin Impact Faruzan teams give your dusty Anemo mains a chance to shine, thanks to Faruzan’s ability to reduce enemy resistance to the wind element.

However, like almost every other Anemo character, you can also use Faruzan to trigger Swirl and spread your party’s elements across the battlefield.

While Faruzan is a clear fit for Wanderer support, she slots in with nearly any team, including those with other 4-star characters.

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Genshin Impact Faruzan teams overview

Faruzan is an Anemo enabler, and while she’s ostensibly meant to support Wanderer by reducing enemy Anemo resistance, you can use her with pretty much any team as an elemental sub-DPS or just to trigger Swirl. Faruzan’s skill and charged attack create a small suction effect, making them ideal for setting up Swirl reactions and grouping enemies. Her burst reduces enemy Anemo resistance, though since it has a longer cooldown timer and higher energy cost, your main source of damage and support comes from Faruzan’s burst.

Faruzan Anemo teams

Genshin Faruzan teams: An anime girl in a white dress and with blue pigtails stands near a large bookcase with thick tomes in blue and red binding. Her eyes are closed, and she's tapping her head with one finger

This team is a mixed one with Anemo as the main focus and a secondary emphasis on swirling elements needed for freeze reactions. Faruzan’s burst weakens enemy Anemo resistance so your main Anemo DPS – whoever that may be – can sweep in and deal heavy damage. The three Anemo characters highlighted are the ones who can apply Anemo more frequently or struggle with setting up reactions. Sucrose is a strong choice to help buff the party’s secondary function, since her passive talents boost the party’s elemental mastery, meaning reactions deal more damage.

While that or your main Anemo character is on cooldown, swap to your Hydro and Cryo characters. Mona and Kokomi are ideal, since they provide a long-lasting source of Hydro that Farzuan can Swirl around. Xingqiu is also a strong choice. You just have to attack a bit more to get the Hydro going.

If you apply Hydro first and group enemies with Faruzan’s skill, your Cryo character choice isn’t quite so important. They just need to apply Cryo in a small area to freeze all nearby foes. Ganyu would likely be overdoing it, but few heroes are capable of spreading Cryo like her.

Faruzan Swirl teams

Genshin Faruzan teams: An anime girl in a white dress and with blue pigtails is creating a blue whirlwind, the force of which is blowing her hair back

  • Faruzan
  • Mona, Kokomi, Nilou, or Xingqiu
  • Hu Tao, Yanfei, or Bennett
  • Diona, Layla, or Ganyu

This Swirl team comp gives you room for freeze, melt, and vaporize, three of the strongest elemental reactions. For vaporize, use your Pyro character first and Swirl it around before switching to Hydro. Vaporize deals extra damage if Hydro is the element that triggers the reaction. Use Faruzan’s skill and charged attack to group enemies if need be.

For Melt, you should lead with your Cryo character. Swirl Cryo around with Faruzan, and then apply Pyro to get a damage boost.

Freeze would work in a manner similar to the one we outlined for the Anemo team.

Like most Swirl teams, there’s plenty of flexibility here. We picked some characters who tend to spread elements easily on their own, without Anemo support, but pretty much any character and reaction will do. Make sure Faruzan has Viridescent Venerer equipped for this team. It boosts her Anemo damage and reduces enemy resistance to elements used in Swirl.

Keep a thought for the upcoming Genshin Impact characters as well to see how they might fit with Layla, and make sure to redeem any active Genshin Impact codes because everyone loves freebies.

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