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The best Genshin Impact Cyno team comps

The right Cyno team comps make the Electro DPS shine like no other

The best Genshin Impact Cyno team comps take advantage of the talents that make Genshin Impact 3.1’s Electro DPS stand out. Cyno thrives on elemental mastery, but even if you don’t have the right characters for a full elemental mastery party, other viable options exist to help Cyno shine.

Since any Cyno build demands the spotlight at all times, your best bet for Cyno teams involves characters whose elemental abilities stay on the field even after they leave.

The helpful thing about Cyno being the driving force of any party he’s in is that it makes building a F2P team even easier as well. You can get the same effect as his elemental team without being at the mercy of the gacha system.

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What is the best Cyno team comp?

Cyno’s unique talents transform elemental mastery into bonus attack power. While you could try increasing his elemental mastery with artifacts, the returns you get from focusing your build on elemental mastery don’t make up for what you miss out on with critical hit percentage and Electro damage.

The best option is using your team comps to boost elemental mastery, if you can. Choosing that option restricts your choices a bit, though if you have access to the right characters, the result tentatively seems like the best option.

Cyno elemental mastery team

Cyno teams: A menu page showing Sucrose, Collei, and the Dendro Traveler as Cyno's optimal elemental mastery team

Sucrose does the most in this team with regards to elemental mastery thanks to her passive talents. The first, Catalyst Conversion, raises the party’s mastery by 50 whenever Sucrose triggers Swirl, and the second, Mollis Favonius, boosts the party’s mastery by 20 percent of her own mastery. Just make sure to boost Sucrose’s elemental mastery in your build to get the most from this.

Heizou works as well. He only has one talent that increases mastery, but if you equip im – or any Anemo character – with a full set of Viridescent Venerer, you can trigger Swirl with Electro and reduce enemy resistance.

Albedo is here to push the elemental mastery numbers even higher with his burst. The passive talent Homuncular Nature increases the party’s mastery by 125 whenever he uses his burst. The extra isn’t strictly necessary, but it does help if you can get it. Albedo also adds a regular source of Dendro damage that provides shields and keeps your party safe.

If you have Diona’s sixth constellation unlocked, she also fits well in the party. It augments her burst so it boosts the active character’s elemental mastery by 200, though the downside is they have to be in the ice field it creates.

Collei and the Dendro Traveler both serve the same function here, using their bursts to create constant Dendro reactions that let Cyno repeatedly trigger Aggravate and deal increased Electro damage. If you have Collei’s third constellation unlocked, her burst will also raise the party’s mastery by 60.

The other bonus to all this extra elemental mastery is that it makes Swirl, Aggravate, and Spread even stronger.

Cyno DPS team

Cyno teams: A menu page showing Cyno's optimal DPS team, with Ayaka, Ayato, and the Dendro Traveler

This team exists to leave lasting elemental traces on the field for Cyno to interact with. Ganyu and Rosaria create broad areas of Cryo, while Ayaka can spread Cryo just by sprinting.

Chongyun may also work, though some uncertainty exists over whether the field his skill creates would overwrite Cyno’s Electro damage. Other Cryo characters could also fill this role, since the goal is just causing widespread Superconduct to lower enemy defenses. The three we listed are just the most convenient.

The same logic guides are choice of Hydro characters. All three have skills, bursts, or both that quickly spread Hydro in a broad area, though you can use Tartaglia, Yelan, or even Barbara for the same effect. It just takes a bit longer.

We kept the last slot for a Dendro character, since Quicken’s effects are just too good to pass up. Collei and the Dendro Traveler work best here, since their bursts stay on the field for a fair bit of time.

If you want to forego Hydro, you could add an Anemo character with a full Viridescent Venerer artifact set, so Swirl would reduce the resistance of any enemy caught up in said Swirl.

Cyno F2P team

Cyno teams: A menu page showing Cyno's F2P team with Xiangling, the Dendro Traveler, and Kaeya

  • Cyno
  • Kaeya
  • Xiangling
  • Dendro Traveler

Cyno’s best F2P team functions in a similar way to the DPS team. Kaeya’s burst provides fuel for Superconduct reactions, while the Dendro Traveler helps trigger Quicken. Xiangling’s burst can help create Overload reactions and works with Kaeya’s for a stream of melt reactions.

You could swap her out with Barbara for Freeze and Electrocharged, but the nature of her skill means you have to be right next to an enemy for Hydro application to work.

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