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Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle solutions | How to solve Mona's Domain puzzles

The stars are bright tonight

Genshin Impact’s Astral Puzzle challenges are among the more challenging in Summertime Odyssey’s character Domains, in part because they lie to you. When you look up at the stars, assuming you can see them in the Domain, the layout you see is often flipped, so what looks like the bottom point is actually the top, and so on. There are over a dozen puzzles to solve, but for now, we're focusing on the four you need to solve to complete Mona's Domain.

Astral Puzzle 1 solution

You need to make a triangle of sorts for the first puzzle, but the way the beams work means the process isn’t quite as straightforward as it initially seems.

Astral Puzzle 2 solution

The second puzzle is rather more difficult since you can’t actually see the entire constellation, thanks to an unfortunately placed roof. You can activate the star next to the puzzle to get an idea of what to do, but basically, you’re making a large triangle, with the middle devices connecting to each other.

Astra Puzzle 3 solution

Astral Puzzle 3 is a bit disorienting, especially if, like me, you have trouble visualizing 3D objects. Basically, you want to make two horizontal lines of devices and then use the two in the center to connect the two lines.

Astral Puzzle 4 solution

This solution is comparatively more straightforward once you find the starting point. The devices in the back should all point towards the center, and the ones in front of the device, near the room’s entrance, should make a broad polygon.

Once you’ve completed these puzzles, you finish Mona’s Domain and can explore Minnacious Island and its new puzzles before tackling the rest of the Summertime Odyssey quest. Make sure to head back into the Domain at least once to grab the final Phantasmal Conch though.

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