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Far Cry 6 Cache Money Treasure Hunt and how to get in Bunker 2

The hunt is on

Far Cry 6 Cache Money is one among many treasure hunts you’ll find scattered across Yara, and entering Bunker 2 to find the treasure makes it one of the more difficult ones.

It's worth the trouble, though. Your reward is a special rifle that's perfectly suited to guerilla combat.

Far Cry 6 Cache Money - Where to find Cache Money Treasure Hunt

Cache Money triggers once you arrive at the Aguas Lindas FND base in Yara’s Madrugada region. Search the loot crates in the base, and you’ll find the document that starts the hunt.

The document directs you to Bunker 2. The location is nearby, and and it’s also marked on your map. Since the bunker is still inside the restricted zone, expect heavy opposition.

How to enter Bunker 2 in Far Cry 6

Follow the power lines until you reach the bunker, then climb up to the roof. Your goal is destroying everything inside, but there’s a catch. The only way into the bunker is through the front door, and while there’s a generator powering the roof door, the switch that opens the bunker door gives you a window of opportunity too short to make it inside.

The bunker just so happens to be full of fuel canisters — and some Easter egg contraband — so the easiest way to get inside is opening the door and chucking a grenade in.

Head inside once the flames die down, shoot the lock off the gate, and go inside the fenced area. Grab the key to the officer’s room, then activate the switch under their desk. This finally gives you access to the treasure room.

The cache itself contains a 3-star sniper rifle, the Sobek Special. Like other special weapons, this one has a predetermined loadout that you can’t modify at workbenches.

If you're feeling confident with your new rifle, take on some of Far Cry 6's other massive bases to find rare materials, including uranium, and scraps for upgrading your camp facilities. Getting the ultimate weapons will take some extra time and grind, though. If you're really determined to hunt down all of Yara's secrets, make sure to find all 15 Criptograma chests as well.

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