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Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits - How to get Monedas and alpha animal meat

Time for a Black Market shopping spree

Far Cry 6 industrial circuits are a rare item you’ll need if you want the best weapons and most potent Supremos on the island.

There are only two ways to get industrial circuits, and both involve a fair bit of work.

What are Industrial Circuits in Far Cry 6?

You’ll need Industrial Circuits for high-level Supremo and Resolver weapon upgrades. These upgrades are only available later in the game, but it’s worth setting some Monedas aside if you have it. Resolver weapons are among the best in the game, and the right Supremo can spell the difference between mission success and death.

How to get Industrial Circuits in Far Cry 6

Industrial Circuits come from Lola’s Black Market or as rewards from trading alpha animal meat. The Black Market unlocks as soon as you establish a camp in one of the three areas on mainland Yara, and it’s the same inventory regardless of region. Lola’s marked with a green star, so it’s easy to find her.

The catch is Black Market currency. Lola only accepts Monedas, so Yaran Pesos are no use here.

Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits farm

Lola rewards you with Monedas for completing her Special Operations, an online side activity you can tackle with others if the solo challenge is too much. Special Operations are straightforward missions where you deal with a specific enemy commander and retrieve valuable items from one of two massive maps.

Far Cry 6’s Insurgency mode also gives you Monedas, but it’s not the best way for getting Industrial Circuits. Insurgency unlocks after you complete the main campaign. Far Cry 6 new game plus isn’t a thing just yet, so those upgraded Resolver weapons won’t do you much good once the campaign ends.

Where to find alpha meat in Far Cry 6

Alpha meat comes from crocodiles, jaguars, and coyotes, but you can only use non-ballistic weapons such as the bow. Anything else spoils the meat, though you can upgrade your hunting lodge for a buff that negates this issue.

Industrial Circuits aren't the only rare items worth finding in Far Cry 6. You'll need plenty of uranium and durable plastic to face off against Castillo's army, though having the right companion for the job helps too.

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